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Squeaky Chalk by Joy Sikorski
Joy Sikorski : Squeaky Chalk Review & Free Drawing Lessons

Squeaky Chalk

Squeaky Chalk by Joy Sikorskiand other FUN things to DRAW (and do) when there is nothing to do! by Joy Sikorski

"If you know how to write, you already know how to draw." — Joy Sikorski

Squeaky Chalk is not just an ordinary how-to drawing book. It's is a spiral-bound adventure!

Filled with simple drawing lessons, projects, and informational tidbits wedged between the pages of an adventurous story, Squeaky Chalk features characters and events laced into a story about Alexander Hamilton's Silk City, founded in 1792.

Written with the same whimsicality of How to Draw a Cup of Coffee, and How to Draw a Radish, Joy Sikorski explores imagination, art, and creativity through every square inch of this 152 page book.

From the Inside Flap:

"Squeaky Chalk can teach anyone to be an artist! Featuring dozens and dozens of step-by-step pages and an activity and/or project at the end of each section, it lets readers test out their artistic skills at home or school. It's a great introduction to cartooning, a welcome rainy-day project book, and a cool way to bust boredom. With a compact trim size and sturdy hidden wire binding, Squeaky Chalk is a meaty 152 pages of activity fun! The special format makes it a great gift to slip into a backpack or sneak into a friend's locker. Here's an exercise in out-of-the-box thinking that is guaranteed to captivate children, parents, and teachers."

Fans of Joy Sikorski won't be disappointed as they learn how to draw an assortment of characters and items that ultimately become embedded in the storyline of the book. Over 67 drawing lessons illustrate the simple techniques to drawing dinosaurs, cats, horse, beaver, kite, boat, fairies, snow, sled, and more while learning techniques to adding color to the drawings with artist's pastel chalk. A wonderful introduction to cartooning!

Joy Sikorski's Free Drawing Lessons

Are you up for an adventure in drawing? Try some sample Squeaky Chalk drawing lessons right now!

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