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Draw Joy Sikorski's Twitter Bird!
Squeaky Chalk Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Twitter Bird

Draw a Twitter Bird

How to Draw a Twitter Bird

Drawing Lesson #8 from Squeaky Chalk and other FUN things to DRAW (and do) when there is nothing to do! by Joy Sikorski

Do you enjoy watching birds fly or listening to them sing? If so, you'll love drawing Joy's fun little twittering bird that can both soar and sing! Be sure to see what we did with our twitter bird drawings after the lesson. They make colorfully fun greeting card covers when surrounded by music notes. Hear it sing? Twitter, tweet, tweet!

Twitter Bird Lesson from Squeaky Chalk © 2001 by Joy Sikorski

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© 2001 Joy Sikorski. All rights reserved.

Our Squeaky Chalk Twitter Bird

Blue Twitter Bird

Twitter Bird made into fun greeting cards
for our bird-loving friends.

Twitter Bird Greeting Cards

Joy SikorskiJoy Sikorski (1952-2009) was the best-selling author of How to Draw a Radish and other inspiring 'how to draw' books featured in bookshops of art museums nationwide. More »