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Gingerbread House Making Humor
Winter Crafts : Following the Cookie Crumbs... Gingerbread Houses!

Following the Cookie Crumbs... Gingerbread Houses!

Gingerbread House Making Humor, History, Project & Pattern Sources

Gingerbread HouseThe CrEative Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Project Story (Humor)
By Chris Dunmire
Willy Wonka would understand. Besides, a lifetime of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory primed me for this, I swear. Let me state for the record that my enthusiastic idea of putting together a gingerbread house with my mom-friend Pam had innocent intentions. The plan was that we'd both get small gingerbread house kits with pre-formed cookie walls, icing mix, and bagged candies, and build them side-by-side in creative communion on her kitchen table. A mom's cozy kitchen is the best place to do cookie stuff, after all.

Gingerbread History, Varieties, and Houses
Informative articles at Wikipedia includes detailed information about the history and origins of ginger bread, ingredients, varieties, and gingerbread cake.

Cookie CutterMake your own Jan Brett Gingerbread Papercraft Friend
"Design a fun gingerbread character by dragging and dropping the features (eyes, mouth, decorations) onto the gingerbread friend. Then you can print out your Gingerbread Friend for a special person!"

A Tiny Gingerbread House that Perches on the Edge of Your Mug
Oh so cute! Instructions and free printable pattern on Not Martha show you how to create this tiny gingerbread cookie house — an adorable crafty creation of a cookie that hangs on the edge of your mug. A wonderful Christmas treat!

Graham Cracker "Gingerbread" Houses
An illustrated project plan for creating fun decorated graham cracker houses (10 crackers per house) that look like miniature gingerbread homes. Fun Christmas craft for little hands.

Gingerbread Lane
"The consistent authority in Gingerbread houses since 1997." The picture and detail rich site of Ginger B. Lane, head gingerbread designer who has built gingerbread houses since 1984. Site features Simple beginning pattern for an 8 x 8 house, Tips on Preserving Houses, Gingerbread and Icing Recipes and Construction Tips, candy to use, and preserving houses.

Craft Project: Crochet Gingerbread House
Thrifty fun project by Debra Frick shows you how to create a crochet gingerbread house from scrap yarn and a milk container. A lovely winter-time home decoration.

History of The Gingerbread Boy/Man
"Run, run, as fast as you can!" Learn about the origins and adaptations of the famous Gingerbread Man story. Features the text to the original story.