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Writing Our Way Home
Authors : Satya (Fiona) Robyn

Mindful Writing Practice with Satya Robyn

Satya RobynSatya (formerly Fiona) Robyn loves words. She loves reading them, writing them, and hearing them spoken out loud. They help her to pay attention to the world around her, and to practice praise. Her mission is to help other people find the same joy through writing.

Satya is a novelist, psychotherapist, Buddhist priest & the co–founder of Writing Our Way Home with her husband Kaspa. Find out more about small stones here.

Writing Articles by Fiona Robyn

The Joys of Mindful Writing
By Satya Robyn
Writing in small stones is a few moments of attention, written down in prose or verse.

Writing Your Way Towards Gratitude
By Fiona Robyn
Feeling thankful can take practice. Five suggestions for writing your way towards gratitude.

Writing Your Way Through Fear
By Fiona Robyn
It's time to take a tiny step towards the fear. Your writing will hold your hand.

Writing Your Way Towards Joy
By Fiona Robyn
If you'd like to write your way towards joy, follow a few of these tips to get you started.

Writing Your Way Towards Slowing Down
By Fiona Robyn
Most of us have hectic lives, but feel better when we slow down.

How to Survive Rejection and Be Your Own Biggest Fan
By Fiona Robyn
If we're not passionate about our work at least some of the time then how can we expect anyone else to value what we're doing?

Updated 1/5/14