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Interview with Diana Rivera

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Q: What is a creative empowerment life coach?

A: I am certified as a Core Energy Life and Personal Development Coach. As my niche is creativity, I have used this title to best express the context of what I do. The content of the coaching practice is to work with creative professionals on a variety of aspects connected to their overall well-being, levels of empowerment and success, and to get them to be and do whatever it is they want. This could mean:

  1. completing an important project
  2. striking a balance between work, family and self-development
  3. developing stronger bonds for collaboration
  4. moving from one field into their creative pursuits

The content of the practice changes from client to client. I am working now on content for a 10-week program in Los Angeles that will utilize creative collaboration to advance one's creative project planning.

Q: How do you begin the process of working with a new client? Where can potential clients learn more about your coaching services?

A: I start with acquiring necessary information on my client's goals, values and blocks. The coaching begins and can carry on for a variety of weeks depending on what will serve the individual. The only end goal is the one my client sets for themselves. They can learn about my services on my Web site.

Q: What are some examples of approaches you might take with someone looking to "develop stronger bonds for collaboration"?

A: In any project, I create an anabolic team. This type of team refers to individuals or groups of individuals who can help bring positive collaboration to a work. I consider what is needed to fulfill the project, what skill sets I have and don't have, and who might best engage in the work.

Q: You also "develop original content for children's TV, children's books and professionally for the theatre." Can you tell me more about that?

A: I have been writing theatrically for years. I have developed individually and in collaboration with other writers an array of theatrical works many of which were inspired by the theatricality of vaudeville and cabaret. The last show I worked was the creative imagining of the character Betty Boop's origins.

In the classroom, I have created a variety of characters that I have taught creative Drama around. One of my characters I wrote into a children's book, along with 6 weeks of curriculum, and am in the process of publishing what I envision to be a series. As for the TV project, I have a proposal of a show that I am ready to pitch and am in the process of laying the ground work to make that happen! Exciting and timely!

Q: Wow, exciting and timely for sure! When you say you've "been writing theatrically for years," it brings to mind the artist's creative process. Can you tell me a little bit about yours?

A: A lot of my theatrical writing has been a result of a character that has found me and most times, I feel that they character's voice is speaking through me. I have had some unique situations occur with character development when I listened to the motive of the character and considered who she/he is in the environment she/he is in.

Q: Much of your creative energy goes into work destined to be performed in front of an audience. Creatives of all kinds (artists, writers, performers) have so much of their life's meaning and purpose sewn up in the forthcoming show. But tell me, after the curtain comes down and the audience goes home, who is Diana Rivera when she's standing alone in the wings?

A: An effervesent lover and philosopher of life, the human condition and nature. I'm a ponderer, a warrior, a sage in a younger person's body. My imagination is constantly musing over things and discovering new possibilities. I never feel stuck on one experience as I know how dynamic life is and continues to be.

Q: What advice would you like to impart to anyone considering journeying into a creative career like yours?

A: Bold yet flexible fearlessness to live your truth, every moment of every day. Be responsible, cover your bases but keep your heart wide open and imagination on fire. Create time to invent in your art form. Don't nag yourself for an answer, it's on its way. •

Diana RiveraConnect with Diana Rivera
Diana Rivera is a Performing Artist, Producer and Facilitator of drama, arts-integration in the classroom and creative empowerment coach. Visit her blog creative empowerment blog and coaching web site.

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