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Free Kindness Printables : Kindness Pass-Along Gift Cards

Kindness Pass-Along Gift Cards

'Pay it Forward' Acts of Kindness

By Chris Dunmire

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Kindness Gift CardsYou've heard the heartwarming stories about people who have committed "random acts of kindness" by tossing extra change into a toll booth for the car behind it, or by paying for a cup of coffee for the next person in line. Often the kind deed is appreciated by the recipient, and wouldn't it be awesome if the incentive to "pass it on" is also present? Now it can be!

To help that "kind energy" to keep moving forward, I've invented one way to inspire more kind acts to continue from person to person through my Kindness Pass-Along Gift Cards. These cards are free for you to download, print, and use and are described in detail below. Read the story behind this nifty little card (here.) All printables on this page are for personal, non-commercial use.

Printing Tips:

Downloading Files: Files download in a PDF format. You must have a PDF reader to view and print the files. If you don't have a PDF reader on your computer, you can download the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader free from (follow directions at link).

Printing Files: Kindness Gift Card downloads are designed to be printed on an inkjet or laser printer on an 8½" × 11" sheet of paper or business card template. Regular copier paper, card stock, business cards, or photo paper can be used depending on the individual product's description.

Kindness Card Selection:

1. Kindness Free Beverage Gift CardKindness Beverage Gift Cards
(PDF 852 KB, fits Avery #8371 Business Card Template 10 cards/sheet 2" × 3½")

The "Any Kind of Beverage" Gift Card is perfect for those times you wish to gift a stranger with a free cup of coffee, juice, soda, tea, or anything other type of drink. Simply hand your server the card and request that they give it to your "kind deed" recipient when they've been informed that someone else has paid ahead for their beverage. It's self-explanatory and makes their job easier! Use it in restaurants, fast-food places, coffee cafe's, bistro's and wherever else beverages are sold.

2. Kindness Random Act of Kindness Gift CardGeneral Random Act of Kindness Cards
(PDF 472 KB, fits Avery # 8371 Business Card Template 10 cards/sheet 2" × 3½")

This high-energy open-theme Random Act of Kindness Card can be given to anyone at any time up-front or anonymously!

Shovel someone's walkway and stick it into their door; help carry someone's groceries to their car; assist an overworked co-worker; buy a stranger lunch! It doesn't matter what kind act you do, because if you do it with an open heart and attitude of cheerfulness, you're bound to make someone's day!

Kindness Christmas Card Selection

3. Kindness Christmas Beverage Gift CardsWhite Kindness Christmas Beverage Gift Cards
(PDF 513 KB, fits Avery # 8371 Business Card Template 10 cards/sheet 2" × 3½")
Features a Christmas Tree design promoting holiday joy. See card message below.

4. Kindness Christmas Beverage Gift CardsGreen Kindness Christmas Beverage Gift Cards
(PDF 541 KB, fits Avery # 8371 Business Card Template 10 cards/sheet 2" × 3½")

Message on both cards reads:

Merry Christmas!

You've just been
gifted with a random
act of kindness.
It's amazing how much
a free beverage from
a stranger can bring
more joy into your
day, isn't it? Enjoy!

Kindness: Pass it on!

Updated 8/8/14

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