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Creative License
'My Own True Genius' Essay Contest : Print Your Own Creative License!

Your Birthright: Unlimited Permission to Be Creative

You Have Creative License: Print Yours Now!

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Printable Creative License
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Creative License Text:

"We hereby give you creative license to speak your own truth and express your story in your own words. We give you permission to create indiscriminately, just as you wish — wildly, freely, and without asking permission from anyone. Tell your tale, paint your masterpiece, sing your song. Tango with the Muses. We send you inspiration, strength, creative energy, and our wildest hopes and dreams!"

Jennie Nash, author
The Only True Genius in the Family

Molly J. A. Childers Columnist

Creative License Inspiration & Intention:

"I have spent the past three years interviewing creative professionals from all fields, and all walks of life. I've discovered that one of the most common challenges facing artists, writers, and other creative souls is a lack of faith in their own abilities. They feel that they are not good enough; not talented enough; not smart enough... many times, we receive these negative messages in childhood and internalize them. Sometimes, the messages come from inside; other times, from the very people who should be giving us support and encouragement. What matters is not where these negative messages come from, but where they finish up — creating a massive wall that stands between the artist and the fulfillment of her dream.

"Artists need support and encouragement in order to create their best work. This type of support is sadly lacking in our culture today. More often, they are told they cannot succeed; that the odds are stacked against them, and there is no point in trying. 'Dream on, kid!' my teacher used to say scornfully, when I voiced an idea that was too wild, too creative, or too hopeful.

"In discussing this recently with author Jennie Nash, we both noted that many creative individuals seem to crave permission to create. In her new book, The Only True Genius in the Family, the protagonist is denied this permission from a very early age, and it affects her for the rest of her life. She has no true belief in her own genius; her own vision. This is a common fate shared by many fledgling artists. Nash and I, supported by Chris Dunmire of Creativity Portal, all agreed that it was a deplorable situation, and decided to do something to combat it... and the Creative License was born!

"Today I encourage you to dream on, to dream wildly, to sail away from the nay-sayers and the dream-killers in their grey cities of fear and hatred. Dream of a day when every child is told, 'You are an artist. You are a gifted soul. What you have to say truly matters. Only you can tell your story.' Dream of a day when every person on this earth realizes they are uniquely gifted, and moves toward an unimaginable future.

"I am not a priest or pastor. I cannot give you faith. That, you must find yourself — wherever you seek it. I am an artist, a writer... but such blessings as I have, I grant you. I hereby give you permission and full creative license to dream wild, delicious dreams — and make them come true!"

— Molly Anderson-Childers, Artist/Writer


"Many people have asked me what "true genius" means to me — a fair question, given the title of my book! True genius is, in my mind, having the guts to speak in your own true voice — to finally write the book you've wanted to write, knit the sweater you have envisioned in your head, take the photo that has been haunting you. It's rising above the constraints of time, obligation, and your dirty laundry to embrace your own sense of creativity. True genius comes in many guises and is available to us all. Sometimes it takes a lot of hard work to feel your own creative power, but it's well worth the journey. The first step? Give yourself permission. How? Download this Creative License and just do it."

— Jennie Nash, Author