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Creativity Portal's Plagiarism Policy, and Why We Need One

Cowpyright - Copyright is not a moo-t point at Creativity-Portal.comOCTOBER 8, 2008 — Creativity Portal cares deeply about the Creator's Copyright and will not publish or host content that knowingly infringes on other's intellectual property nor will we promote authors who engage in plagiaristic practices once they are brought to our attention.

On October 5, 2008, we were informed that some articles hosted on the domain by an author promoting his self-published book, "Creativity and the Secret Language of the Mind" contained plagiaristic passages from the book "Sparks of Genius" by Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein. Upon confirming this alarming information on October 6, we immediately removed all articles and promotional material by this author from our Web site.

As an online community open to all perspectives on creativity, we allow articles, projects, and book-excerpt submissions in good faith as original works by the contributing authors and had not known the articles in question blatantly "lifted" from another source. Had we known, we never would have published the articles nor promoted this author to our readers.

Protecting the creator's copyright is our priority. Plagiarism, the passing off of another's work as your own, is not welcome on the Creativity Portal Web site. •

This announcement will remain posted to offer concerned readers an explanation as to why this author's articles were removed from our Web site, as well as to deter anyone else from submitting plagiarized content.