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Newsletter Archives : 2005 : May Issue 1

May 2005 Newsletter #1

The store owner asked, "Can I help you?" I improvised, "Do you have any 78 records?" My son and I anxiously thumbed through old 78's. As I TOUCHED the antiques, I was immediately inspired. "I am touching the 1920's", I thought as I discovered my first Puritan Record from Port Washington, WI. — Angela Mack

In This Issue

  • May 2005 Journal
  • What's New @ the CP
  • Chronic Creativity by Angela Mack
  • Q & A: Help Along The Way

May 2005 Journal

by Chris Dunmire

Creativity Portal Cartoony Drawing Contest
This is a SUPER EASY drawing contest where you won't be judged on your fine art skills! Nope, all you have to do is put some creative effort into hand drawing one of my simple cartoony lessons, scan it, and e-mail it to me. Two winners will be randomly selected from the first 10 submissions I receive.

Chris Dunmire
Publisher, Creativity Portal

What's New @ the CP

The Amazing Mirecle33 Creativity Patch
By Chris Dunmire
Got an inspiration leak? Thanks to Dunmire Labs, there's no good reason you can't have a slow, steady stream of creativity delivered into your system through the Mirecle33 Creativity Patch. (Humor/Novelty Printable)

Gratitude: The Secret Behind Creativity
By Nancy Marmolejo
When you think of being more creative, what comes to mind? Most people think in terms of artistic skills, but creativity manifests itself in a number of ways beyond the obvious.

Improve Your Ability to be Creative
By Royane Real
If you think that creativity is something that you only need if you're an artist, while you happen to be a middle-manager in a corporation, you may think increased creativity is not really necessary to your life. But creativity is something far broader than artistic expression, and it's required in many areas of life.

Tips on Breaking the Creative Block
By Mary Baker
What do you do when you experience creativity block? Professional contemporary realist painter Mary Baker shares some useful un-blocking tips.

Writer's Block Begone
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Writer's block isn't about the writing. Writer's block isn't telling you you can't write or you'll never write again or you'll never have another idea again. Writer's block is telling you something else is wrong, and you need to deal with that something before you can get down to the business of writing.

Writer's Voice: Find Meaning among Spring Blossoms
By Melissa A. Rosati
Have you seen my voice? Odd question, I know. Voice is associated with sound not sight. Still, I've been looking for it everywhere: writer's retreats, a bedroom converted into a chic writing studio, the refrigerator, which is filled with brainpower snacks, specifically chocolate-mocha Haagen-Dazs …

Choosing the "Right" Logo
By Colleen Ryan
Designed for instant identification, a logo can appear on company letterhead, advertising material and signs as an emblem by way of which the organization can easily be recognized.

Starting a Home-Based Jewelry Business
By Christopher Gage
So you think you are ready to take the plunge into your own home based jewelry business. This will be a very exciting step for you, your family, and your business. You will be able to finally unleash that creative side of you that has been dying to blossom.

Portrait Photography Success
By Tom Ray
What I learned from a mentor that enabled me to go from an amateur photographer to a professional portrait photographer in very specific steps is something I like to pass on.

Nit Wits #17: Antagonize (ant • agonize)
By Chris Dunmire
How do you remove your band-aids? Do you slowly pull them off, or do it in one quick swipe?

PLUS: How to Draw an Ant Cartoony Lesson

Creating Your Own Decorated Hair Comb
By Katharyne Thompson
For centuries women around the world have adorned their hair with beautiful combs. You can create wonderful hair combs by using these two techniques.

Inspiring Idea: Ice Cream Stick Earrings
By Janice Wee
Back when I was a student, I would make jewelry out of anything that caught my attention. A worn out tubing from an old sewing machine. A broken plastic stick. Shells. Paper clips. These would be transformed into costume jewelry behind closed doors in my hostel room.

Chronic Creativity by Angela Mack

Symptom #6: Hallucinations — Hearing the Created Work Speak
The other day, after watching a DVD entitled, "The Mystery of Picasso" directed by Henri-George Clouzot, I was struck by the fact that Picasso frequently changed his art in the process of creating it.

Symptom #7: Offline Inspiration — Living in a Multi-Dimensional World
If you long to abolish Chronic Creativity from your life, I must be honest. It is possible. In order to rid yourself of the disease, spend more and more time on your computer each day. Do your banking and bill paying online. Do most of your career online. Visit with family and friends online. Take continuing education courses online. Refill your prescriptions online.

Q & A: Help Along The Way

Bookmark Making Software?
Q: I am looking for software to make bookmarks to give out at book signings for my novel "McKays Island, The Beginning". Do you have software that would do that for me? My printer is an HP PHOTOSMART 7260. Also do you have any other software that a writer could use at book signings?

Can You Modify Your Web Content for Us?
Q: Our charter school has a color theory/web class that I think the [external resource in CP's How-to Design section] would be excellent material for the students. However, there is an image in the [external resource] that would be somewhat inappropriate for our students to view [due to its controversial nature]. … Can your webmaster substitute another image in its place?