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Newsletter Archives : 2006 : December 15 Issue
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December 15, 2006   |   STRESSing Christmas
Inner Voices of Creativity
"What do I really value about this holiday season?" — Anne Marie Bennett, Shed Some Inner Light On Your Holidays
In This Issue
December 2006 Journal
Are You S T R E S S i n g Christmas?
By Chris Dunmire, Publisher
It's 10 days until Christmas — are you feeling the Christmas-crunch stress yet? Are thoughts of crowded shopping malls and imperfect gift wrapping seams invading your dreams? Are you baked out on cookie making and ornament hanging? Are you ready to create some new Christmastime traditions?

If you answered "YES!" to any of the above, I encourage you to read Anne Marie Bennett's article Shed Some Inner Light On Your Holidays AND another inspiring piece by Marcia Phillips titled Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Go on reducing the Christmas stress. Neither of these is a quick and easy "7 Ways to Reduce Your Holiday Stress" kind of article. Instead, they cut right down to the soul of the matter — your soul — and promote doing what feels right in YOUR heart during the holiday season. Marcia is absolutely right: "It's your holiday." Experience the true joy of the season — the joy that's right within you.

Seasons Greetings! (Not the Paprika kind, either!)

Chris Dunmire

Chris Dunmire
Creative Director and Publisher, Creativity Portal
Feature Columns & Article Series
Creative Solutions & Inspirations from the Modern Day Muses
Albert, A Muse with an Attitude
By Jill Badonsk
Rather than a list of vague concepts, which have no context for you to relate, one specific exercise will give you a good sense of Albert's powers.
PLUS: Muse Profile: Get to Know Albert

Art of the Song Creativity Radio
We All Have a Song to Sing…
By John Dillon
When you hear Song Analyst Michael Shorr talking about song structure or rhyme, try thinking of what you hear in terms of, "How can I apply these ideas to my own particular creative gift, or maybe to life in general?"

Adventure Series Photo Prompts
Adventure into Bali
By Kristi Kovalishyn
Cast in stone, eyes forever closed, she offers beauty to the world beyond. If she could open her eyes, what would she see?

Creative Careers in the Arts
Interview with Sonia Wijts
By Molly Anderson-Childers
Sonia is an art director for the Center for Adaptive Learning in Concord, California, and teaches expressive arts classes for adults with learning disabilities.
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Christmas Holiday Word Search Puzzle
By Chris Dunmire
If you're not into the spirit of the Christmas holiday season yet, this fun, brain-building word find puzzle will do the trick! Permission is granted for teachers and homeschoolers to use the puzzle as a classroom activity.

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By Lise Richards
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