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Playing with Words: Poetry that POPS!!!
Newsletter Archives : 2006 : May Issue 1

May 2006 Newsletter #1

101 Best Web Sites

Quoteworthy Article

"Her answer surprises me. You start this type of work by playing, messing around, and goofing off!" — Molly J. Anderson-Childers, Making Marvelous New Music with Euterpe

In This Issue

  • May 2006 Journal
  • What's New @ the CP
  • Inspiring Success Story
  • Q & A: Help Along The Way

May 2006 Journal

by Chris Dunmire

Writer's Digest Names Creativity Portal a "Best Web Site" for 2006

I am honored to announce that Creativity Portal has been chosen by Writer's Digest magazine as one of the "101 Best Web Sites for Writers" in their creativity category for 2006. You'll find listed in the magazine's annual guide (May 2006 issue, page 30) in the "best" article by Robin M. Hampton. You can also view the listings of the 101 Web sites by category on the Writer's Digest Web site. Creativity Portal has been included in the yearly guide since 2002.

This noteworthy recognition is truly appreciated and belongs to everyone who has contributed to the Creativity Portal over the years. And thank you, dear readers, for your ongoing interest and support for everything that flows from this unique portal of creative inspiration.

Chris Dunmire

Chris Dunmire
Publisher, Creativity Portal

What's New @ the CP

Playing with Words: Poetry that POPS!!!
By Molly J. Anderson-Childers
This kids-at-heart article presents a variety of ways to find poetic inspiration, tips to editing poetry, and prompts to creating a personal art and poetry book.

Recreation or re-creation?
By Dan Goodwin
How do our recreation activities allow us to re-create? And what would be of value for us to re-create to support our lives as creative people?

Inspiring Success Story

Heart Art "A journey into self"
By Emelisa Mudle
How boldly creating her own art has led Emelisa Mudle towards helping others heal and grow in workshops that use creativity as a tool to mandala and mask making, dream mapping, and journaling.

Q & A: Help Along The Way

Liquid Starch in Place of Glue
Creativity Portal wishes to thank Pam who e-mailed us with a useful tip for our Collage Cubies or paper mache projects. She said "liquid starch works great for the collage cubes or in place of glue for paper mache. It is easier to use than glue." Thank you Pam!