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June 1, 2007 | The JOY in Creative Play!

"Act on your creativity. Allow yourself the gift of time, the gift of play, the gift of practice." Mission: Creativity!

In This Issue
June 2007 Journal

The JOY in Creative Play!

The first person to really teach me about the playful side of art and creativity was author Joy Sikorski. In the mid-1990s I came across a review for her book How to Draw a Radish: And Other Fun Things to Do at Work and was immediately captivated by her pairing of "fun" and "work".

Discovering Joy and her whimsical how-to draw books couldn't have come at a better time in my life. I was in a "serious" corporate job where I constantly wrestled between being my playful creative self and being a corporate hologram. Her book was an affirmation that having a playful side at work was okay, and as soon as I let that in, the dry-erase board doodling began and the desktop gumball machine came out. More »

How to Play Creatively with Sidewalk Chalk Art
Joy Sikorski-inspired fun! Chalk is cheap and the canvas is free so take advantage of some inner-child indulging to freeatively doodle and play.

HUMOR: 7 Sidewalk Chalk Art Tips for Creatively Inhibited Adults
Are you itching to try sidewalk chalk art but are afraid to let other grown-ups see you paint the pavement with pastels? If so, I advise the following for you artistic avoiders...

A Self-Coaching Journey through "The 12 Secrets Highly Creative Women"
When I first read the cover to Gail McMeekin's book I assumed it would focus on the prolific creative habits successful women artists, writers, and performers dedicated themselves to on a regular basis. I expected tried-and-true action-oriented nudges such as "writing every day", "painting in a well-organized studio", and "acting when inspiration strikes." Then I read the book and found the material was developed far beyond a mere list of secrets and habits, including several that influenced big changes in my life.

Chris Dunmire

Chris Dunmire
Creative Director and Publisher

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The Opinions of Others

Several years ago I received word that I'd come in second in a prestigious national novel-writing competition. Coming in second in a national novel-writing competition is like coming in second in major league sports. You're a loser.

Southwest Series Photo Writing Prompts
Tombstone, Arizona

Writing prompts to inspire the outlaw in you! Tombstone is famous for Wyatt Earp, the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, the Bird Cage Theater, Boot Hill, and its tagline: "The Town Too Tough to Die."

Creative Careers in the Arts Interviews
An Interview with Linda Dessau

Have you ever wondered what it's like being a music therapist? Tune in to this melodic interview with Linda Dessau to learn about the training, challenges, and rewards of working in the field of music therapy.

Inner Voices of Creativity

What if…? How can I…? Why…? Why not…? These are the mantras of my curious inner voice. Her words and energy are the driving force behind all of my creative projects.

26 Ways to Nurture Your Creative Life (an A to Z List)
Break Some Rules

What can you learn about pushing the envelope in your creative work by the examples of famous rule-breakers?

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Fitting in... or Not

Listen for your song and begin to sing it. Don't stifle it out of fear of where it will take you. Your song will allow you to soar. It is your freedom.

Diving Deeper into Innovation

Creating change in your product line, your work, your organization and your life is all about living the behaviors that drive innovation. The behaviors of curiosity, forgiveness, choosing reactions, and "playing" well with others.

How to Have and Capture More Creative Ideas

We're ALL capable of having more ideas than we can handle. We just need a way of capturing them in enough detail so that when we return to them they still give that spark of energy and inspiration.