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May 1, 2007 | Stuckitis & Nurturing Creativity

"Open a new Word file, or pick up a pen right now." Just Do It

In This Issue
May 2007 Journal

Revisiting Kindness: Pass it On!

Did you know about the special wing on the Creativity Portal Web site devoted entirely to kindness? This section was added in 2003 as a complimentary component to expanding my vision of what else I wanted the Creativity Portal to accomplish in the world. I've since learned that kindness and creativity have a wonderful correlation.

Now that you know that, I'm happy to announce two new complimentary printables available in the kindness download section to help perpetuate more intentional acts of kindness in your community. My field-tested Kindness Pass-Along Gift Cards are available in two styles and print 10 to a sheet on regular paper, card stock, or business card templates. Print yours now, and kindly pass them on!

(Of course there's always a story behind what I do, and if you wish to know more about my fun field-testing experiment with the cards, you can read the rippling story here.)

Spring Bloom Carnation-Style Tissue Paper Flower Project
You might see my now-famous Layered Tissue Paper Flower project blooming in a newspaper or craft publication near you. The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) enjoyed my project so much that they requested permission to use it in their consumer press release sent out last week to about 2000 features/lifestyle editors at the top daily newspapers and craft publications. Bloom on!

New Series: 26 Ways to Nurture Your Creative Life
I've started a new, energizing series on the Coaching Your Creativity Web site devoted to nurturing the creative life. This series draws upon my experience as an artist, writer, and creativity enthusiast combined with my personal research, creativity coach training, and the professional perspectives of other successful creatives in hopes of inspiring you to discover new and invigorating ways nurture your own creative life. Installments of this series will be included in the "Ongoing Columns & Feature Series" section of the Creativity Portal newsletter beginning with this issue.

Introducing Creativity Coach Susan Ann Darley
Susan Ann Darley guides artists, performers, writers, healing artists and others into new levels of creativity and success through coaching, writing and classes. She is the author of "The Power of Constructive Love," which inspires readers to share their talents with the world. Her Web site,, promotes coaching, copywriting, and classes for all levels of creative people.

Susan's first of several articles appearing on the Creativity Portal is The Courage to Live Your Vision, which discusses a few of the obstacles artists of all kinds must overcome in order to achieve their long-term creative goals. We're happy to add Susan's professional perspective to our growing list of creativity coaches on the Creativity Portal.

Chris Dunmire

Chris Dunmire
Creative Director and Publisher

Ongoing Columns & Feature Series

Love of the Craft
Dave's Top 10 Writing Book Recommendations

Q: What are your favorite writing resources (books)?

Inner Voices of Creativity
Singing Your Own Song

What song have you been singing lately? If you're creative (and you know you are!), then you might at times feel like you are struggling with this part of you who wants to just open up and let the song flow.

Multicultural Muses
An Exclusive Interview with My Inner Muse (Part II)

I'd like to see you really spread your wings, and soar to unexpected heights. As you continue to mingle creative and spiritual work, your soul will reach a state of glowing, burning incandescence and unity with the Divine.

26 Ways to Nurture Your Creative Life (an A to Z List)
Act As If

This is one of the most important and useful tools I've seen used by motivational speakers, therapists, life coaches, creativity coaches, and successful artists of all kinds.

More What's New @ the CP

Country Rooster Decorative Kitchen Wall Organizer Project

Create this multi-functional organizer in no time at all! The pattern can also be resized for painting on matching kitchen accessories like jars, canisters, recipe boxes, and more!

Living with Creative Intention

Here is my list of characteristics I've noted about people who live with creative intention. I'd love to know if you find yourself anywhere in the description that follows.

The Writer's Ailment: "Stuckitis"

Three points to consider the next time you're stuck in writer's block.

Creativity, Procrastination and the Deadly IBROW Affliction.

It's an affliction that hits us not with a fierce, sudden and violent blow, but a slow, stealth-like continuous presence that's barely detectable.

The Courage to Live Your Vision

Stephen Spielberg was once asked in an interview what God would say to him when he arrived at the pearly gates. He said he believed God would say, "thank you." An answer free of doubt, guilt or remorse. He is living his vision. Are you?