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March 1, 2008 | Creativity Cookies & Juicy Journals!

"Our creativity is just another form of the universal love that is constantly flowing through the universe."An Interview with Chris Zydel

In This Issue
March 2008 Journal

Cookies & Juice: Eat, Drink, and Be Creative!

Did you know that the word "creativity" has the word "eat" in it? (See: creativity.) It also has the word "vity" in it, Latin for vitamin, which indicates there is something intrinsically nourishing in the act creative expression.

Okay you got me — I made that second part up (and know zilch about Latin), but it sounds good doesn't it? And it makes the perfect segue for me to serve up two new foodishly-fun features now appearing on the Creativity Portal menu that will nourish your creative life!

  1. Creativity Cookies is a new concept in collaboration between creativity coach Dan Goodwin and the Creativity Portal Web site. Each month a new article focusing on a specific creativity issue will be introduced, complete with a powerful exercise or action you can take to a thriving real-time discussion on the topic at Dan's Coach Creative Space (CCS) community. For example, his first Cookie in the series is called the Positivity Perk-Up.

    Dan's Creativity Cookies are a sweet, calorie-frëë way for you experience creativity coaching nibbles and bites while enjoying a progressive community with others. You do need to sign up as a member to participate in the discussions (it costs nothing), and be forewarned, you might soon find yourself addicted to the high-energy dynamic!

  2. Juicy Journals & Wild Words is a new bi-monthly feature by muse-spirational artist and writer Molly Anderson-Childers that will treat you to new articles, resources, and project ideas specific to creating your own personal juicy journals.

    Molly says, "We'll create journals of every stripe, size, shape and color. I have some exquisite projects in store for you — a dream journal, a writer's notebook, tiny travel-sized journals that fit in your pocket, journals to give away and journals just for you. I have so many ideas, and I'm so excited to share these projects and inspirations with you."

    Molly's Juicy Journals & Wild Words will also incorporate an opportunity for you to interact with her and share your ideas and projects on a blog she's set up to accompany this fun feature. So even if you're already into journaling or are ready to begin a new journey in this versatile medium of creative expression, get set for some juicy inspirations!

Introducing Novelist and Writing Coach Emily Hanlon
Emily Hanlon is a writing coach, creativity coach and novelist. She has had seven works of fiction, including the bestselling novel, Petersburg, and a book on writing, The Art of Fiction Writing or How to Fall Down the Rabbit Hole Without Really Trying. She has also been published in Writer's Digest Magazine.

Emily's first article on the Creativity Portal is Writing and the Cosmic Shopping Mall!, a combination of exercises and prompts taking you through the process of using the power of the image to unleash creativity. Learn more about Emily at her Web site,

Introducing Creativity Coach Cara Faye
Based in South Africa, Cara Faye is one of those people who won't believe that something can't be done. She attempts to unravel some of the creative process for a growing community via workshops, articles and a regular newsletter. You can read Cara's blog at

Cara's first article on the Creativity Portal is So You Think You Aren't Creative? which touches on the immediate benefits of embracing our individual, unique sense of creativity. Welcome both, Emily and Cara!

Chris Dunmire

Chris Dunmire
Creative Director and Publisher

P.S. Two more fun things:

  1. Please don't miss artist Ernestina Gallina's third in a series of exclusive rock painting projects featured on the Creativity Portal. Her newest is called Written in Stone, and I'm in awe-overdrive at the creative brilliance of this project. You can read more of my thoughts about it on my Web site,

  2. Coming very soon to the Creativity Portal is a super surprise that I'm too excited to keep entirely mum about. Here's a hint: It's an interview with an author who has her own planet and a name that rhymes with SHARK.

    The complete unveiling of this interview will appear in the next newsletter, but the feature will go live on the Creativity Portal before that, so please check-in for an early-bird preview!
Monthly Columns & Featured Series

Creativity Cookies
Positivity Perk-Up

How much can you be positive about in your creative life?

Juicy Journals & Wild Words
Introduction to Juicy Journals & Wild Words

Everyone has a seed of creativity inside; whether you sing in the shower or doodle while you're on the phone, or just dream of writing a novel someday, there's something inside you that cries out to be expressed.

Art of the Song Creativity Corner
Music Began as Expression

We learn music by hearing it. We have heard it since we were in our mother's wombs. Whether you are a musician or not, you know it experientially. You know that when music does a certain thing, it does something to you.

Creative Careers in the Arts Interviews
An Interview with Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts

Chris teaches Wild Heart Painting Retreats all over the world, facilitates women's groups, and works as a creativity coach and astrologer.

More What's New @ the CP

Rock Painting Creativity: Written in Stone Project

This delightful rock painting tutorial shows you step-by-step how to create an old open book personalized with your own text, quote, or sentimental saying.

Writing and the Cosmic Shopping Mall!

Writing from the creative unconscious is like walking into a cosmic shopping mall where each shop offers a different persona for us to try on, actually a different way of being in relationship to ourselves and the world.

So You Think You Aren't Creative?

So often I hear people say "I'm not in the least bit creative" when they actually mean "I can't draw like Leonardo da Vinci."

Creative Professionals Need Professional Networks

Your ideas are more likely to actually happen when you are organized, productive, and accountable.

Printable St. Patrick's Day Word Search Puzzle

Leapin' leprechauns! Feel like stretching your creative brain in celebration of St. Paddy's Day this coming March 17? Try my fun find-a-word puzzle and see how lucky you are in finding all the words! (Permission is granted for teachers to use this puzzle in the classroom).