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November 1, 2008 (Eerie Edition)  |  Just We'en it
"When all of us is available ~ our concentration, our commitment, our heart, our mind, our instincts ~ in one place, it's not difficult to write fluidly, deeply, authentically, and beautifully."
— Naomi Rose, The Intimate Fruits of a Writing Retreat
In This Issue
November 2008 Journal
One of My Greatest Joys

Fostering creativity while planting seeds of potential in children is one of my life's greatest joys. When kids see tangible possibilities for their own creative expressions through art, writing, or some other medium they like, it inspires them. It models potential. It connects a real person to a reality they too can have if they're willing to work at it. More »

Humor: Revisiting Nit Wits #19: Polytician
Well, with the election only days away and all...

Spooking of Halloween Story Contest Winners...
Thank you again to all participants of our Halloween creative story writing contest. If you haven't had a chance to read the two winning stories, Georgia Peach by Jasmine Berry and Misconceptions by Renate Smith, please do!

Also, if your story is published on our site and you haven't claimed your prize yet, please contact us by October 31, 2008. All winners are posted here.

Happy Safe Halloween!

Chris Dunmire
Chris Dunmire
Creative Director and Publisher

Monthly Columns & Featured Series
26 Simple Ways to Nurture Your Creative Life
#23: What You Focus On Grows

Oh, that can include "Your Creativity", too!

Creativity Cookies
Nourishing Now Wows

Focusing on all the shortcomings and "if onlys" is a sure way of overlooking all your creative abilities and the resources available to you right now.

Creative Careers in the Arts Interviews
Interview with Erin Gray

Erin is a graphic artist, freelance writer, and author of the YA novel "Moonshine Murder."
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The Intimate Fruits of a Writing Retreat: Coming into the Wealth of Inner Being

This fall, may you have some retreat time within yourself to write. That inner space is really where the inspired, authentic writing takes place.

Tribute to the Creative Life of Paul Newman

What film lover could forget Newman's understated blue-eyed "Cool Hand Luke," his tortured soul as Brick in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," his romantic charm as Butch Cassidy.

Digital Scrapbooks, Photos and Fonts

With the emergence of digital scrapbooking many options for users have arrived.

Flowering Mums in October: Mum Would Be Proud!

Sharing the abundance of autumn's beauty multiplies joy in bunches.

Updated: Printable Fall Leaf Cutout Templates

Leaves, leaves, everywhere! Choose from 10 new printable templates featuring new leaf colors and styles. No raking required, honest!

Updated: Hand Tracing, Turkey Making, Creative Fun!

What are you Thankful Four?