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NewZine Archives : 2012 : April 2 – National Poetry Month
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April 2 • National Poetry Month
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April 2 Journal
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"After you have created a poem,
it is wise to put it aside for a while
before you try to edit it. I call this
'letting the poem ripen'.
~ Molly Anderson-Childers,
Poetry that POPS!!!
April 2 Journal

Did You Know That April is National Poetry Month?
Indeed it is and the Academy of American Poets is celebrating. They are also readying everyone for POEM IN YOUR POCKET DAY on April 26.

Check out for lots of poetic writing inspiration and details on this community-oriented creative writing fun.

The piece of poeTREE above is my contribution to this celebration . . . it's based on a photo I have of a beautiful, old grandfather oak tree standing tall in a cornfield near my home.

I am so inspired each time I drive by this tree — especially during the winter months when the tree is bare of all its leaves. Even without its covering it's beautiful . . . just being.

And so are we.

Chris Dunmire, Creativity Portal®
Transforming through Creativity, Consciousness, Kindness
Features & Series
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