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NewZine Archives : 2012 : May 1 – Ambidextrous Permission Slips
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May 1 • Ambidextrous Permission Slips
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May 1 Journal
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Beating yourself up doesn't work as well as being fascinated by who you are and the things you do. ~ Jill Badonsky (Trixyleaks)
May 1 Journal
The Ultimate 'YES!'
I've been cutting out and giving away pages from Pattie Mosca's Permission Slips for almost two months in preparation for the books' official launch this week through Story People Press (congratulations, Pattie!).

Creativity Portal celebrates with Pattie with an interview about her creative journey and sample permission slips from her book that you can download, print, and use.

Although I've mostly retired from reviewing books, I wanted to enjoy and report on some field experiences with Permission Slips in my coaching practice because I know how beautifully Pattie, a fellow Kaizen-Muse™ creativity coach, helps others work through self-limiting habits and beliefs towards more possibility and self-care — all great soil in which compassion and creativity thrives . . . for all of us. Read more »

Chris Dunmire, Creativity Portal®
Creativity, Consciousness, Kindness
Features & Series
Peggy TittQ: Why is creativity important to you?
A: Sewing, fabric art, finding new uses for old things, journaling, and music are essential to my well-being and peace of mind. I find joy and satisfaction in creation.
~ Peggy Titt, Special Ed Teacher
Write-Brain Exercises
Sideways Glance

Stretching our eyes, minds, legs, and hearts is very helpful to developing writing muscle!

See how underhanded, left-out, or right-minded you find yourself when you write from 'the other side'!
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Life Will Not Work Out the Way You Planned

Owner of 2gouls Ghost Tours
What didn't work? Following someone else's dreams and expectations.

I Do Not Compare Myself to Others Anymore

Artist, Writer, Author of 'Permission Slips for Your Heart and Soul'
My journey has taken me from a shy little girl to one who sees so many possibilities ... from never showing my work to anyone, to exposing myself in national magazines, and now a book.
Pictures in the Rear View Mirror
Who's in Second?

In the mid- to late-60's every guy I knew was a car guy. And because popular music celebrated the hottest rides, women of the 60's were car hip, too.

Permission Slips... For Your Heart & Soul

How many times have you started a project only to abandon it because it felt like a mistake? Or because you felt it was already done by someone else? Or because you didn't feel it was "good enough"?
An Owner's Manual for Your Creativity
Exclusive and Provocative Leak of Upcoming Book

In an effort to replace Wikileaks as news leaker leader, Trixyleaks, has surreptitiously issued excerpts of Jill Badonsky's new book, The Muse Is IN: An Owner's Manual for Your Creativity.
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Free From The Notion of Self

We think we are free, but we are bound by our fears and delusions — by all of our self-made constraints.

Meditation Day 1

Ideally, we want to use techniques that are not overly complex so that we can gain a sense of the internal peace that lies beyond the meditative procedure.