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Submission Guidelines

Share your creativity expertise with our community!

Updated 4/25/15

We are interested in collaborating with authors, creativity coaches, book publishers, and creative professionals who have an established, professional online presence related to creativity and modes of creative expression.

The award-winning Creativity Portal® inspires, fosters, and celebrates creativity and the gifts of creative expression. Online since 2000, our community features articles, projects, prompts, interviews, and tools to encourage the exploration and expression of personal creativity, innovation in the workplace, group collaboration, and awareness for unique self-care issues facing creative individuals.

If you’d like to share your creative wisdom and expertise within our community an original, non-circulated article or project, please contact us with your interest.

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What We're Seeking

Creativity Portal is dedicated to presenting original creativity-inspiring content to our readers. We're open to all kinds of perspectives that touchstone on creativity and creative expression including, but not limited to:

  • The creative process
  • Using creative expression (through art, crafts, writing, or other outlets) for self-exploration, growth, healing, and spiritual practice
  • Fun, creativity inspiring how-to projects and prompts (including photo prompts)
  • Workplace innovation
  • Tips and advice for the business end of creativity
  • Professional creativity coach, consultant, or life coach insights and advice on artistic living
  • Exercises to prompt creative thinking and action

If you would like to reach our audience with your expertise, you are invited to submit your article (min. 600 words) for possible inclusion on our Web site in exchange for promotion for you Web site and/or business (non-paid submissions).

Authors of accepted submissions enjoy generous exposure in our community for their work and Web site(s) — archived indefinitely for continued promotion.

How to Submit

Submitting an article or project is easy. Please review the terms below and use our contact form to send us your submission.

(Attachments are not accepted for this initial contact. If you have images or other attachments that need to accompany your article or project, please let us know.)

Paste the following information into the form:

  • Article title
  • Your name (by-line)
  • Your e-mail (will not be published)
  • Up to four lines of biography information for your article footer, including one link to your Web site, which will only appear on your author index page, not on every article page. If you are a series author, you will be invited to submit an extended bio for your author page.
  • Full text of article, including a copyright notice with year at the end.
  • Has the article been circulated or published elsewhere online? If so, please do not submit it.

Terms and Conditions

Creativity Portal respects the creator's copyright and values each contribution made to our Web site. In our efforts to provide quality, inspiring content to our visitors, our Terms and Conditions are as follows.

  • Articles must be the original work of the submitting author. We value intellectual property and hold copyright to the highest level. Do not submit plagiarized articles, projects, or book excerpts.
  • Do not submit articles on behalf of others. We want an author to choose our Web site to host their work and we have no way of verifying an article's origination if we are not in direct contact with the author.
  • Authors always retain copyright of their own work published on our Web site.
  • Articles may contain artwork or graphics and will be formatted to fit our responsive design layout.
  • Articles will include a brief "About the Author" bio linked to a fuller version on your author profile page. Do not embed links within the body of your article.
  • Articles will be archived forever on our Web site. Once published, we do not intend to remove the content, but reserve the right to delete any article or project from our site for any reason at any time.
  • We reserve the right to edit articles for spelling and grammar; and artwork for size to fit our format.
  • We make no guarantees towards the acceptance of any article, perpetual linking to any Web site, or promotion of any persons or Web sites. If an author's site goes offline, changes hands, become unsafe to visitors for any reason, we reserve the right to remove links.
  • Terms and Conditions may be modified anytime at our discretion.

If you agree to these terms, continue to the submission form »

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