April Fool's Word Search Puzzles for Teachers

April Fool's Joke Puzzles (Word Search Series) by Chris Dunmire

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April Fool's Joke Word Search Puzzles! Impossible-to-Solve!

The Best April Fool's Day Jokes for Teachers!

3,792,319+ Smiles Since 2005! By Chris Dunmire | Updated March 24, 2019

“These puzzles are clever and fun!” —Mrs. Wright


Want to play one of the funnest (and harmless) jokes ever in your classroom this April Fool's Day? Give one of my fake word-find puzzles to your smart students and then sit back to watch the fun unfold.

Yes, eager to find the words (words that are not there), your puzzle-loving enthusiasts will soon realize the jig is up and immediately begin plotting their April Fool's revenge!

My amusing ebook can be downloaded right now and contains a fun bundle of six ordinary-looking joke word search puzzles to use for April Fooling or any-day pranking. It also features my original world-loved Animals Puzzle #12 that kicked off the series in 2005 and has delighted teachers, parents, and pranksters ever since.

“More, please!” —Oliver T.

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April Fool's Joke Puzzles (Word Search Series) by Chris Dunmire

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Fake fun joke puzzles

The World's Hardest Puzzles History

Enjoy endless fun and delight with these reprintable puzzles you can use annually (or any time) with children and adults in your classroom, workshop, office, or home:

  1. Animals Puzzle #12
  2. Artist Puzzle #3
  3. Cut-Up Puzzle #14
  4. Drinks Puzzle #15
  5. Fairy Tales Puzzle #7
  6. Vegetables Puzzle #19

“Your puzzles stink!” —Tommy, 3rd grader

I designed my first fake fun puzzle in 2005 (Animals Puzzle #12) and it became an instant, hilarious hit! Parents and teachers (and even a college professor studying the psychological effects of stress-induced not-word-finding in students) sent me notes of love and adoration asking for more, so I designed a slew of 'em in this brilliant volume that can be used over and over year after year.

Shhhhh ... THE SECRET TO MY JOKE IS ... My word search puzzles appear to be real. They are not. The words on the “find” list are absent from the letter grid, like a second-grader with the chicken pox.

These precious puzzles are designed for the tens of thousands of teachers, parents, college professors, and pranksters who come back to my site every April 1 looking for more. Oh, and for the wonderful children! We can't forget about the children, who without their eager little participation, the completion of this hilarious prank would not be possible!

License and Copyright Information

This special book bundle features six hilarious, printable puzzles designed in black ink for quick and easy printing. Reprintable means you can print a bunch for your classroom this year and next year, too! My license gives buyers endless printing freedom, so please support the artist (me) by purchasing your own copy. I promise you'll have fun with these puzzles on April Fool's Day (and any other day you want to play a joke on your students) for the rest of your teaching career.

Fake fun joke puzzles


March 27 Through March 29, 2019

Teachers: I'm giving away seven copies of my April Fool's Joke Puzzles (Word Search Series) book between March 27 and March 29, 2019.

The amusing book contains a fun bundle of six ordinary-looking joke word search puzzles to use for April Fooling or any-day pranking, including my original world-famous Animals Puzzle #12 that kicked off the series in 2005 and has delighted teachers, parents, and pranksters ever since.

April Fool's Day is one extra special day out of the year that creative, innovative thinking can flourish in the classroom. Teachers can use the playful opportunity for 'thinking outside the box' by pulling lighthearted jokes on entire classes of students with an innocent-looking assignment, a fun word search puzzle, or some other inventive idea spontaneously unleashed in the classroom.

To help facilitate memorable experiences this coming April Fool's Day, I'm offering seven downloads of my April Fool's Joke Puzzles book for three days, between March 27 and March 29, 2019, through a random drawing of entries by teachers who email me a short, original (not copied or plagiarized) limerick or haiku with an April Fool's twist. Please include your name and what grade/subject you teach with the email subject: April Fools' Book Drawing. Winning entries will be posted on our Facebook page.

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