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Prompting Articles: Igniting Your Writer's Imagination

Igniting Your Writing ImaginationWriting prompts, Imagination Sparks, and Story Starters are wonderful ways to overcome the 'beginner's blocked blank page syndrome'. And exploring new ways of tapping into your own subconscious mind and inner wells of inspiration will help you easily pick up next time without external prompting — with the added benefit of sustaining your writing momentum through a project.

This is where going beyond prompting words and ideas is a valuable asset to your writing toolbox. When you know how to access your inner expertise of wisdom and skill, your writing projects will become more of an extension of you, of your creative spirit, of authentic soul expression.

Creativity Portal's following Prompting Writing Articles will help guide you towards tapping into your creative wisdom and accessing the inner well of inspiration that you continually stock through your senses and life experiences. Yes, you can ignite your writer's imagination easily — simply by accessing what's in you already. Explore these prompting ideas and see if you don't agree.

Prompting Articles & Series

Inner Voices of Creativity Collage Prompt Series
By Anne Marie Bennett
A self-reflective series of prompts focused on those little voices in our minds that have something to say about everything we do. What will they say when you allow them to write?

Using Photography To Inspire Writing
By Hank Kellner
If "One picture is worth a thousand words," can one picture also inspire a thousand words?

Using the Subconscious to Paint Fiction
By Esmerelda Jones
How to make your fiction characters come alive by closing off the world and developing an intimate acquaintance with your creations.

Updated 1/17/14