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Creativity in Business
Authors : Carolyn Campbell

Melding passion and purpose to create a thriving business

Carolyn CampbellCarolyn helps healing practitioners and creative entrepreneurs have successful businesses using their authentic strengths. Through one-on-one coaching and fun, dynamic workshops, Carolyn offers key outreach skills to grow a thriving business. She also offers practice building lectures, workshops and seminars for associations, schools and organizations.

Today, Carolyn travels internationally offering workshops, events and seminars to grow businesses, strengthen soul-centered leadership and transform dreams into action. To find out how carolyn can help you build your business check out her articles at

Entrepreneurial Articles by Carolyn Campbell

Small Steps to the Big Vision
By Carolyn Campbell, MA, CPPC
They say that if you are too far ahead of "the curve" people don't know how to relate to what you offer. I think there is some truth to that — and, my dear friends of transformative visioning, our curve has arrived!

Simple Tips for Writing an Engaging Article
By Carolyn Campbell, MA, CPPC
The simplest way to begin writing an article is to break it into three key ingredients. You want to provide information, incorporate attention getters and create easy reading.

Going Public with Your Work
By Carolyn Campbell, MA, CPPC
Whether you're launching a product, building a practice, or gaining recognition as a presenter, these five tips will help you to successfully promote your products and services.