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Book Publishers Compared
Authors : Mark Levine

Spotlight On Mark Levine

Understanding the Fine Print of Self-Publishing

Mark LevineMark Levine is the president of Click Industries, an e-commerce company of 20+ websites the provide affordable business related services to entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and other artists, including book editing, book cover design, and copyright registrations. Mark has published two novels. His non-fiction book, The Fine Print of Self-Publishing has helped more than 2,000 authors choose the right self-publishing company.

Self-Publishing Articles by Mark Levine

The Dirty Little Secret About Book Printing Fees
By Mark Levine
When it comes time to choose a self-publishing company, one of the most important aspects of your decision should be how much you pay for copies of your own book.

What to Look for in a Self-Publishing Company
By Mark Levine
Learn about a company's reputation among authors and industry watchdog groups, and find out the basic terms an acceptable self-publishing contract must include.

Good News for Unpublished Writers
By Mark Levine
Traditional publishers released fewer books in 2005. As a new or unpublished author, you might wonder how this can be good for you.

The Author's Bill of Rights
By Mark Levine
All authors have the right to expect certain things from a self publishing company.