Three Simple Lines

Natalie Goldberg's Pilgrimage Into the Heart and Homeland of Haiku

Selections from Three Simple Lines

Intro by Chris Dunmire

Widely-acclaimed author Natalie Goldberg relates an intriguing experience she had as a participant in a writing group that met once a month at the local library. She didn't lead the group — she took her seat at the table with everyone else, notebook-in-hand.

The way she tells the story, it's not clear that the other participants know she's a writing teacher and successful author of over a dozen books, including the ground-breaking Writing Down the Bones that sold over a million copies and 'started a revolution in the way we practice writing.' Yes, in a seeming Undercover Boss style, Goldberg blends right in among the students, because she is there to learn.

Goldberg's openness to allowing others to freely critique her work so she can learn reflects wisdom of a great teacher: always a student.

Can you imagine sitting across the table from Natalie Goldberg, giving her writing advice?

Goldberg is still learning and teaching others. Her 15th book, Three Simple Lines is about her 'Pilgrimage into the Heart and Homeland of Haiku' which she intended to be the third and last in her cancer trilogy.

Enjoy Creativity Portal's following mini-series around Three Simple Lines, featuring two excerpts and a Q&A with Goldberg about why people love haiku, history about famous Japanese masters, and details about her pilgrimage into the heart and homeland of haiku.

Three Simple Lines Features

Wanting to See

A concerted effort to write haiku.

What is the Way of Haiku?

Pure Zen but not Zen.

Natalie Goldberg on 'Three Simple Lines'

What draws us to haiku, famous haiku masters, and pilgrimagimg into the heart and homeland of haiku.