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Magic Crayon Journal : Enter the Club Car

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Enter the Club Car

A relaxing place to experience deeper insights, different perspectives, and nourishing connections.

By Patricia J. Mosca | Updated 3/27/16

Have you used the Club Car lately? What is the Club Car you ask? It is a place where we can get together with friends and family. Where we can have a conversation as we linger over coffee...or take a class and explore something new. Where learning is exciting and sharing is comfortable. There is a Club Car on every train. A place where we can be with others. Enjoying their company and companionship.

Being with others allows us to share who we are and what we do. We can share our creativity... our thoughts... and learn from others. By riding in the Club Car we are able to form a bond of connection with others.

Being with others is a way to learn more about who we are. There are times when seeing the ride through the eyes of someone else allows us to open up to new ideas. We get to discover different viewpoints that we might not have considered. We get to discover different ways of doing things. We get to learn new and exciting ways to ride our train. When we get going too fast with our own ride, other points of view can sometimes become blurred.

We all know how much we can learn when we turn inward. We all know that our thoughts and words to ourself can be fullfilling. But when we ride in the Club Car with others we open up our selves to different possiblities. We can even discover new things about ourselves. We find a sense of happiness that we cannot experience when we are alone.

So...what is in the Club Car?

  • Deeper insights into yourself.
  • Different perspectives to explore.
  • A way to expand and grow.
  • A deep connection to others.

By opening the door to the Club Car you are opening yourself to others. Allowing yourself to discover a whole new ride.

What are you serving in your Club Car and with whom?

Club Car

Print the Journal Prompts Page

Print the CLUB CAR journal page (PDF 83KB) to complete the prompts and find new ways to expand and grow.

  • Today I connect with:
  • Today I will explore:
  • Today I will expand and grow:
  • Today I see:

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