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Trickyleaks : More Leaks from Creativity 'Owner's Manual'

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The Muse Is In: An Owner's Guide for Your Creativity

Exclusive June/July Leaks from Creativity ‘Owner's Manual’

Sneaky Creativity Trysts

By Jill Badonsky

Last month, the buzz on Flitter was that Trixyleaks let slip an excerpt of the upcoming controversial and much talked about book, The Muse is In: An Owner's Manual for Your Creativity. (See last month's column).

Trixyleaks refuses to apologize for this breach of trust, lending its reasoning for the leak to the clandestine nature advocated in the book itself… or in other words, they feel their lack of discretion was owed to the fact that The Manual, (as it is now being called), encourages the breaking of rules in the interest of creative liberation and to replace the mundane with the marvelous. Having read parts of the book, Trixyleakers are all feeling very liberated now and have shared some really thought-provoking haikus about cicadas, and we overheard one of them say they were planning a flash mob-dance to the song It's a Small World in the Food Court in Cleveland (but you didn't hear THAT from us).

Staff at Running Press were out running so they were too out of breath to coherently comment about the leak. And shamelessly, Trixyleaks is leaking more tips about how to be more creative THIS month.

So read quickly because this leak is certain to evaporate as soon as authorities find out it's up.

This is from the chapter, Sneak in Through the Back Door:

"Sometimes creativity works best if you go in through back door, which means that approaching your process in sneaky and unpredictable ways can get you past some of your usual stopping blocks."

The chapter presents six ways to sneak in the back door of your creative process. Here's one of them:

"Have a Tryst with Your Creativity:
Sneak time with your creativity behind the back of all your other activities. This sneakiness evokes mischievousness, which begets the allure of the clandestine, which gets the attention of the kid-like energy inside of you and tricks it into engaging in the same creative project you were resisting a minute ago.

Reverse Psychology:
Say you are going to do one thing, and then sneak time with your creative passion instead — this works especially well for the rebellious. Actually write on a list: Clean the garage, restock cupcake supplies, write bills, BUT THEN, write your poem or paint the eclipse INSTEAD!!! (Quiet yet maniacal laughter encouraged)."

Uh oh. There's a knock at the door. We've got to go… we will be back next month with an excerpt from the Troubleshooting Section of The Manual. Until then, know this: If you love creativity… you need to do creative stuff or you'll be cranky and that's not a lot like fulfilled. Get on it. •

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This exclusive Trickyleak is leaked from The Muse Is IN: An Owner's Manual for Your Creativity by Jill Badonsky.

© 2012 Jill Badonsky. All rights reserved.

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Updated 12/18/13