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Psychology of Creativity Authors, Excerpts & Articles

Articles, research, and book excerpts pertaining to the psychological and interpersonal aspects of creativity, genius, and creative expression.

Psychology of Creativity Features

Dealing with Critics and Managing Criticism
Dealing with critics and criticism for our creative ideas and work is something we can't avoid. These articles provide balanced psychological viewpoints and tips for dealing with criticism, helping us to discern the different types of criticism we'll encounter.

Overcoming Creative Blocks in Your Art, Writing, Creativity
Whether it's artist block, writer's block, or some other creativity block, this section will help creators to 'break on through to the other side.'

Creativity 101 Overview & Excerpt by James C. Kaufman, PhD
For every question about creativity we tackle, another thousand pop up.

Who First Studied Genius?
Geniuses have been around for a very long time. Excerpted from the Psych 101 series book Genius 101 by Dean Keith Simonton.

Robert Alan Black, PhD
Learn about the "32 Traits of Creative People", the "Little Things that Can Stop Creativity", and what to do with those inspirational "Zaps Out of the Blue" from creative thinking consultant Robert Alan Black.

Essays & Book Excerpts by Eric Maisel, PhD
Author and highly-acclaimed creativity and meaning coach explores various topics related to creativity, psychology, and depression.

Douglas Eby's Creative Expression and Personal Achievement Series
Topics include identity and creating, maturity and creativity, courage and creating, entitlement for exceptional talent, and being creative and self-critical.

Creativity and Spirituality Series by Margaret Paul PhD
Topics by this best-selling author include the power of creativity, listening to spiritual guidance, overcoming creativity blocks, and allowing the flow of creativity.

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