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Creativity & Psychology : Dealing with Critics and Criticism

Creativity: Dealing with Critics and Managing Criticism

Dealing with critics and criticism for our creative ideas and work is something we can't avoid. But must we take to heart every piece of criticism that comes our way? And how much should we allow internal or external criticism to affect us? The following articles provide balanced viewpoints and tips for dealing with criticism, helping us to discern the different types of criticism we'll encounter.

Managing Critics and Criticism Articles

Break Through Self-Doubt and Fear
By Simma Lieberman
Self-doubt and fear interfere with our ability to achieve or set goals. Self-doubt and fear are the voices in our head telling us, "You'll never succeed, so why try?"

Being Creative and Self-Critical
By Douglas Eby
Healthy criticism can help refine our talents and creative projects in the pursuit of excellence. But when it is based on a excessive perfectionism or an unrealistic self concept, criticism can be destructive and self-limiting, eroding our creative assurance and vitality.

Creativity and Rebellion: Why They Go Hand-in-Hand
By Tom Filsinger, Associate Professor of Psychology
Studies on creative people have consistently demonstrated that creativity is associated with openness to new ideas, risk-taking, and being inner-directed.

10 Tools for Dealing with Criticism and Rejection
By Linda Dessau
Ouch! Whether it's feedback we've asked for, an unsolicited remark called out from the audience or a simple "no" result of an audition or submission process, criticism and rejection are a huge part of our lives as creative artists.

Writers (and others) Can Grow to Be Comfortable with Criticism
By Bonnie Boots
Dealing with criticism is part of being a writer. In fact, it's part of every creative pursuit. Learning to cope with it comfortably will help you grow as both a creative professional and a person.

Building Self-Esteem
By Karen A. Dahlman
Your road to a healthy self-esteem is paved by your choices in the present.

Courage and Creating
By Douglas Eby
Doing anything creative often brings up fears, anxieties, insecurities. Courage may be defined as going ahead in spite of fear. But many creators not only live with their fears, they welcome them.

Sharing Our Creative Work with Others
By Linda Dessau
What's your first thought if someone hesitates before giving you their opinion about your creative project? Here are four steps to consider BEFORE reaching out and sharing your creative work and dreams with others.

The Value of Negativity in the Creative Process
By Royane Real
People who are constantly negative and critical are often able to easily spot what is wrong with a new idea. Because people who are negative can easily see problems in a new proposal, these people can actually make very important contributions to a project.