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Inspiring Creativity Success Stories
Success Stories : Belle's Printables

Creativity Success Story

Belle’s Printables

How encouragement boosts confidence

By Belle Keeney

I don't know how you decide a story is worth sharing, but I'll share mine even if you're the only one that will read it. I discovered computers about 10 years ago... greeting card making.

Wow... I was an artist wanna-be but had no talent. Couldn't draw a straight line with a ruler, but when I discovered what you could do with computer graphics I was hooked.

I gradually learned my way around the computer and the various card programs, but still thought I had no creativity, and told everyone so. Finally some friends convinced me that I did indeed have some creative talent when I grew into drawing my own templates for computer crafts.

Just this past March I joined forces with an artist friend, Olivia Myers, and started an Internet business selling "printables" — .jpg images that you print, cut and assemble to make various gift items: bags, boxes, purses, shoes, candy wrappers. I recently even made a gift bag that looks like a back pack.

Anyway, just wanted to share with you what some encouragement from friends can do to boost a person's creativity confidence. Thanks for letting me share my story. •

© 2005 Belle Keeney. All rights reserved.

Belle's Printables are perfect for the busy crafter: just print, cut, and assemble! Visit her site at to be inspired by a gallery of her printable sets, plus try some of her free templates and printables including candy wrappers, Christmas tags, money holders, pennants, bags, and boxes.