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Inspiring Creativity Success Stories
Success Stories : Maria Chatzi's Love and Creative Inspiration

Creativity Success Story

Beach Stone Inspired: A Story of Love and Creative Inspiration

By Maria Chatzi

Photo by Maria ChatziI don’t know how you arrived at this page. Whether your journey to your present day creative life has been a long one, or you are just at the start, I would like to tell you a story of Love and Creative Inspiration. It could be very much like your own or it may be a sign leading you to the direction of a new creative adventure.

It all started the day I found a pink quartzite pebble, on a day trip with my family. It was a beauty! Rounded and smooth, medium-sized, with dreamy shades of pink, shaped by nature like a top expert’s oval cabochon stone, fit to make a pendant for a princess! Pink was never one of my favorite colors, not even when I was a little girl — I’ve always preferred blues and purples. But I felt there was some kind of magnetic power within this pink stone that wouldn’t let me take my eyes off it.

I was so charmed that I couldn’t help but revisit the place. “If there was one little quartzite stone there should be others too,” I thought. And indeed there were. But not only pink ones — there were quartzite pebbles of a variety of colors. I’ve picked five or six of them and held them lovingly in my palm. Drawn by instinct, my other hand covered the pebbles as if I wanted to protect a recently discovered ancient treasure. I felt an urge to run home and learn as much as I could about rocks — and so I did. I read anything that I found online and offline (in libraries and bookstores) for months.

The more I studied and the more I learnt about beach rocks and pebbles, the more I adored them, the heavier the pebbles seemed to weigh in my palm when I picked them up and the brighter their colors looked when lifted to the sunlight. And it wasn’t only the beautifully colored or the uniquely shaped or the interestingly textured pebbles I was drawn to.

Half a year later, I found myself brainstorming ways to include rocks and pebbles in my plans for the future. Creative ideas of what to do with this magnificent, newly-found toy started popping up in my head. A new hobby? Perhaps a small business? Or maybe fundraising activities for charities? Anything in relevance to community work? I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted, but I was willing to wait till the perfect idea struck me and I did know I had to relate beach stones to my creative nature and my definition of success and happiness.

With time, there was no such thing as an ugly unworthy beach stone for me — I saw the beauty in them all, loved them all with their faults and imperfections and they were all worthy of my attention. I talked to them as if they could feel and understand. I could hear them talking to me too — I listened to the stories they had to tell. I closed my eyes at nights and my imagination made up shapes, textures and color combinations of pebbles and rocks in my dreams. I begged for stormy nights and all trips I looked forward to were to some pebbly and rocky beaches — there was no better way I could possibly spend my weekends. My camera became my best companion. And when the trip was over, and I had to walk away from the beach taking the road back home, there was always a sad feeling I would miss my beloved beach stones, but there was also always a plan and promise to return, as they would return to me too with the dancing waves. Very few people could understand my passion for pebbly beaches but that didn’t matter at all.

Art on rocks photo by Maria ChatziBeach rocks and pebbles changed my concept of the world I lived in as if there was some magic inside them that awakened my spirit. Very soon I realized what that magic was. It was the fact that pebbles and rocks in my country had been formed thousands (and, in some cases, millions) of years ago by volcanic eruptions. By some divine power watching over me, I had been offered the opportunity and the honor to discover and appreciate some precious, small pieces of our earth’s geological history! I’ve given beach pebbles my true love and what I got back was liberating — a sense of tranquility and fulfillment. Now I needed to grow, move ahead and achieve more with them. I needed to find a creative way to share the love, the feelings, the realization and the magic with the whole world — because “belonging” to it was what beach rocks and pebbles had taught me.

Then, one day, I stumbled upon Creativity Portal. From the very first visit I had the feeling this high quality, inspiring website was created for me — selfish, I know, but that’s how I felt. It seemed as though the same divine power that had revealed the magnificence of rocks and beach pebbles to me had now lead me here to find the answer to my quest. I bought myself a large spiral notebook, like the ones I used to have at University and kept notes like a student. I absorbed, like a sponge, all the information offered free on its pages. Searching the site’s content, I realized that it was practical and useful to creative souls of all ages and skill levels — one of the best places to explore, to learn, to share, to belong.

I revisited Creativity Portal numerous times until the idea hit me. I was going to create a simple, small website of my own, not standing out for its great design but for the dream to get people creatively inspired with beach rocks and pebbles. I knew it was going to be hard work and challenging and that it would take me a long time — but I was willing to put in the effort and convinced that time spent to inspire love for a part of our natural world and enthusiasm for creativity was time spent well.

I cannot imagine my life without being creative with rocks and pebbles. They are my pampered children, my appreciated friends, my honored teachers, my healing companions, my precious inspiration, my unique and amazing treasure. Go to the beach for a day, look at the stones closely, listen to the song sung by the waves and the rocks carefully, feel the healing power of some soft and rounded pebbles. Perhaps a new story, your story of love and creative inspiration is to be born. •

© 2012 Maria Chatzi. All rights reserved.

About Maria Chatzi

Maria ChatziMaria Chatzi is a teacher, jewelry artist, and craft designer who loves nature, learning and helping adults and kids discover their creative side. ...