Love Notelets

Valentine's Love Notelets

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Valentine's Day Love Notelets

Playful self-folding heart card templates to express poetry, lyric, and love!

By Chris Dunmire | Posted 2/13/21 | Updated 2/7/22

“Where there is love, there is life.” —Mahatma Gandhi

If you like gifting surprises, then you'll LOVE creating these fun Love Notelets! Write a bunch to share with your special ones on Valentine's Day or any time of the year!

Use Patterned Scrapbooking Paper for Cool Designs!

Easily print the templates on card stock or decorative one- or two-sided scrapbook pattern paper. Patterned scrapbook paper with white or a light color on one side creates a very cool double-sided card design. Trim, fold, add your handwritten message, and deliver to your special someone. The large card can be snail-mailed.