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Creativity Coaching Articles
Creativity Coaching : Creativity Coach Authors/Series Archives

Archived Creativity Coach Authors & Series

Ralph DranowRalph Dranow
Writer and editor; founder of Ring of Truth Writing and Editing. Ralph helps make the writing flow so that clients feel their ideas and feelings have been given their strongest expression.

Jeannine McGladeJeannine McGlade
Author and coach in the field of creativity and innovation. Helps individuals from stay-at-home parents to CEOs get out of a creative rut and release their creative energy.

Diana RiveraDiana Rivera
Performing Artist, Producer and Facilitator of drama, arts-integration in the classroom and creative empowerment coach.

Jill Allison Bryan
Trained in the Kaizen-Muse tradition, Jill offers one-on-one coaching and facilitates group workshops and retreats.

Cynthia Morris
Author of performance pieces, plays, essays, poetry, and newspaper columns. Cynthia coaches individuals and groups to their own creative exuberance.

Barbara Bowen
Creativity and art career coach helps artists and other professionals to master the creative process, build momentum, and take sensible risks.

Michelle James
CEO of the Center for Creative Emergence, consultant and coach to individuals and organizations.

Quinn McDonald
Certified creativity coach who uses her skills as an artist, writer and speaker to help others create and live the lives they want.

Lisa A. Riley
Licensed Therapist and Creativity Coach. She has spent the last 8 years working with actors, musicians, writers, and artists.

Orna Ross
Irish novelist and creative nonfiction writer. She has taught creative principles, writing and freewriting and has facilitated creative and publishing success for many writing students.

Riva Weinstein
Author and Certified Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach inspires others on extraordinary creative journeys with every day experiences and materials.

More Series Authors

Art of the Song Creativity Radio
Creativity Corner segment essays by John and Viv Nesbitt and various creative professionals.

Rita Farin
Full-time writer, artist and creativity coach focused on helping others unleash their imaginations to bring about new realities.

Ellen Joy Johnson
Professional singer, recording artist, actress, songwriter, and producer with a Master's Degree in Vocal Performance, certification in Expressive Arts Therapy and advanced training in Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel.

Jennie Nash
Private writing coach and teacher in the UCLA Extension Writers' Program.

Valery Satterwhite
Artist mentor and founder of the International Association for Inner Wizards and Moxie Therapy.

Robert Alan Black, Ph.D.
Creative Thinking Consultant with a company named Cre8ng People, Places & Possibilities.

Lisa Collazo, LSCW
Helps writers who struggle with balancing their heavy work loads with their creative endeavors.

Susan Ann Darley
Guides artists, performers, writers, healing artists and others into new levels of creativity and success.

Dave Duggins
Professionally published short story author, writing mentor, and creativity coach.

Cara Faye
Unraveling the creative process for a growing community via workshops, articles and a regular newsletter.

Dan Goodwin
Creativity coach to help artists of all kinds to find inspiration and unleash their creative talents.

Brenda Johima
Creativity Coach Brenda Johima, guides, nudges, boosts, inspires and motivates individuals, business owners and corporations to be the very best that they can be.

Durga Walker (Jori Keyser)
Prosperity coach for artists and craftspeople. Offers creativity coaching for artists and budding artists of all kinds.

Emily Hanlon
Writing coach, creativity coach and bestselling novelist.

Nancy Marmolejo
President of Comadre Coaching, helps creative thinkers turn great ideas into accomplishments.

Eric Maisel, Ph.D.
America's foremost Creativity Coach and author.

Jurgen Wolff
Author of over 100 episodes of TV and six books, Jurgen teaches creativity and right-brain writing workshops around the world.

Chris Zydel
Founder of Creative Juices Arts, supports her clients in developing their full creative potential and living a vital and authentic creative life.

Single Articles Archives

Creative Butterfly
By Deborah Atherton
How do we know when to stick to one art form and when to move on to the next? How do we know we aren't just being dilettantes who can't settle?

An Artist's Guide to Surviving a "9 to 5"
By Zaaron Crosby
If you give up your day job to pursue your dream career as an artist, be prepared for some strange happenings.

Nourish Your Characters with SoulCollage®
By Laura Hegfield
Whether you are a writer, an actor, storyteller or songwriter, when you create a new character you become the cook (or Nana), standing beside pot.

Getting Around Being Stuck
By Janet L. Tanguay
Here's a simple mnemonic system that I like to use to get unstuck — GET AROUND IT.

Facilitating Creative Freedom in Performance
By Valerie Kampmeier
The lynchpin of these inner criteria is self-acceptance.