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The Red Door: Expanding Your Capacity for Inspiration

A meditation to visualize how limitless your capacity for inspiration truly is.

Posted 1/1/11 | Updated 6/10/20


ExpansionIt helps to look at the root causes of creative blocks, so you can better understand and deal with these obstacles to your soul-work. This guided meditation leads you to see how limitless your capacity for inspiration truly is.

Our capacity for inspiration is limitless, yet all too often we find ourselves blocked, or stuck.

Navigating a long dry stretch in your creative journey is never easy. It helps to look at the root causes of creative blocks, so you can better understand and deal with these obstacles to your soul-work.

Visualize This

Close your eyes. Imagine blowing up a balloon. What color is it? Imagine the exact shape, the rubber taste on your lips. This balloon represents your creativity. Picture your balloon expanding to a huge, impossible size. This is what it feels like to get new ideas, to be supported in your creative dreams. Your balloon grows even larger still, embodying the bliss of finding The Zone, your perfect timeless creative space so sacred and holy.

This balloon has an immense capacity for storing creative energy and inspiration — unlike a real balloon, which will pop if it gets too big. But — just like a real balloon — this balloon is fragile. A sharp word, a harsh review, a bad rejection letter — all of these things can deflate a fragile idea; pop your soul-balloon like a pin. Some places, experiences, situations, and people help expand your balloon; others deflate your hopes and dreams. Examine your life carefully — every aspect of it. Watch out for pins and sharp edges! You'll learn to avoid them in time — but identifying these creativity-suckers is the first step.

The Red Door

Expand your capacity for inspiration and break through creative blocks with this guided imagery exercise. It is specially designed to focus your intentions on your heart's desire, and aid in your creative journey.

Close your eyes. Visualize a green door, with a cut-glass knob and brass hinges. Painted in the center of this door is a symbol. After gazing at it for a few moments, you decide it looks like an eye. This represents your inner vision, the source of your intuition and creative power. Pass through the green door, and you find yourself in a long corridor lined with hundreds of doors. Each door is a different color. Which one attracts you most? Which color do you choose?

Enter this door, and you see a red room, with two doors on opposite walls. One of the doors is black, with silver hinges and a knob made of a huge star sapphire. The other is white, trimmed with gold fittings. Choose one, and you pass through. Now, you enter another room, larger than all the others. There is only one door in this room. It is red. You reach for the silver knob and find it locked. Only you possess the key, for this door leads to that which you truly desire. You must look deep within your heart, and see it clearly before you proceed.

Visualize your desire in rich, sensuous detail. Touch it, taste it, feel it caress your hand like a lover. When you have imagined every aspect of your heart's fondest wish, turn the key. The red door swings open, revealing a path through the wilderness. Step forward, and claim your destiny.

Going Deeper: Your Own Red Door

Red DoorAre you brave enough to live the life you always dreamed of? Do you have the courage to try and fail — and, what's more, the courage to succeed? Create a drawing of a red door, and use Mod Podge or glue to affix it to the front cover of a blank journal.

Use this book to detail your creative journey — your successes and failures, and all the mistakes, victories, and fumbling steps along the way to your dreams.

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