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How-to Creativity Portal to Personal Expression: Art, Crafts, Writing
Home : How-to Creativity Portal to Personal Expression: Art, Crafts, Writing

How-to Creative Expression: Art, Crafts, Writing

Instructional How-to Resources to Help Support & Exercise your Creativity!

Nit Wits #18 Exercuses by Chris DunmireIf you're searching for free projects, how-to instruction, or good advice about an abundance of topics and subjects related to creative expression — art, crafts, writing, and creativity — welcome to the hand-picked directory wing on the Creativity Portal Web site.

No matter if you want to learn how to design a Web site, paint with watercolors, self-publish a novel, or boost your creativity, our topical directories contain a wealth of information in the form of Q & A, articles, free projects and tutorials, and quality online resources personally chosen by the Creativity Portal to assist you on your creative journey.

In addition, you'll find an abundance of our own original complementing content, creativity coaching articles, and projects along the way to teach, inspire, and motivate you to take action in your creative life. No more excuses, go on and exercise your creativity!

Learning Categories

How to: Fine Arts and Crafting
Want to learn how to draw, paint, decoupage, macrame, fold origami, or needle craft? You'll learn all kinds of tips and techniques from experienced professionals and hobbyists from our selection of instructional arts and crafts sites.

How to: Writing
The art of writing takes on many forms. Here you can explore a variety of writing topics including calligraphy, journaling and blogging, creative writing, fiction writing, and collaborative writing.

How to: Creativity
What is creativity? How can you be more creative? Where can you find a creativity coach, workshop, or free brain building puzzles? Find answers to these and more in our Creativity and Inspiration section.

Q & A: Help Along the Way
Questions from readers about art, crafts, writing, and creativity with answers that may help. Free advice — make your own change.

Creativity Coaching Corner
Creativity exercises, perspectives, and solutions to issues, blocks, and challenges facing creators of all kinds.

Be Creative!
Articles and columns by artists, writers, coaches, and other professionals designed to inspire, motivate, and increase awareness of your own self-care issues, and how they are linked to your creativity and your creative dreams.

More Art, Writing & Creativity Articles
A variety of inspirational, informative, and motivational articles (and projects) by authors, artists, writers, coaches, and other creativity enthusiasts.