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Scrapbooking Resources
Scrapbooking : Digital Scrapbooks, Photos and Fonts

Digital Scrapbooks, Photos and Fonts

By David Seidl

With the emergence of digital scrapbooking many options for users have arrived. Websites that offer applications to enhance your photos and create scrapbooks online are numerous nowadays. They have become popular due to their ease of use and versatility. Scrapbookers are provided with an opportunity to turn their cherished photos into works of art by editing the background, borders, fonts and more. They can then share them with their family and friends in any part of the world.


Photos come in standard sizes of 8 x 8", 8.5 x 11" or 12 x 12". You'll want the style to match the content of your pictures. Once you come up with a theme, organize the layout of your photos so that you will know how much room you have to work with. If you plan on printing your photos make sure the resolution is set to 300 dpi in your digital layout to avoid printing errors.


Many people know that photos are a big part of scrapbooking but many don't know the importance fonts can have in scrapbooking and the effect they can have on their designs. Everybody has heard the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words", which is very true, but sometimes the right font can have equal importance. Consider a wedding scrapbook without an elegant cursive font like Crestwood or a family vacation scrapbook without a fun, playful font like Pepita. Fonts have personalities of their own that can really help convey the mood and tone of the project.

One of the best styles to use fonts in is the ephemera style. It involves layering photos to create a collage effect and lots of writing. Dark backgrounds with metal accessories for embellishments in traditional style scrapbooking are usually used here. The dark browns and blacks of the background or black & white photos indicative of the ephemera style make it particularly effective if a masculine design is desired. A handwriting font like one from might be a good fit here.

Digital Scrapbooking

Traditional scrapbooking will always have a place in the crafts community because of the bond it brings between those who participate in it together, but as previously mentioned the ease of use and efficiency of digital scrapbooking make it much more attractive to most people now.

All you need is a computer and a digital camera and you can get started. Another advantage of digital scrapbooking is that you don't have to worry about wasting expensive supplies and ruining photos if you make a mistake. Even so, fonts can still be utilized in traditional styles by printing titles and text boxes and pasting them onto your scrapbooking pages. •

© 2008 David Seidl. All rights reserved.

David Seidl is the affiliate manager for the Ascender Corporation. He graduated from Oakland University in 2006 and currently lives in Chicago.