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Christmas ADVENTture Calendar
Countdown to December 25

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Gingerbread Man KitSeasons Greetings! Are you in the Christmas spirit and up for some creative fun? Enjoy Creativity Portal's ADVENTure Calendar featuring a flurry of creative projects, engaging prompts, inciting ideas, and playful printables as we count down to Christmas day!

A cache of Christmas fun is sprinkled in between the days of the weeks of this ADVENTure, with a special focus on connecting with your inner child, engaging your imagination, and expressing creativity. Our gift to you is the demonstration of the timeless truth that we are never too old for creative play, exploration, and adventure.!

Daily Christmas Activities

Christmas Activities by Day

Dec 25: Raised Stencil Sparkling Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Snowflake Raised StencilRaised stencil snowflake ornaments sparkle during the day and glow at night. They're unique, colorful and very easy to create. Decorative raised stencils (aka Dimensional or 3D stencils) aren't just for walls. You can use them to create Christmas ornaments, window decorations, wall art or holiday gifts.

Dec 21: Turning Straw into Gold Christmas Writing Prompts

RumpelstiltskinThrough immersing in creative process, we can become adept at letting nothing go to waste and skilled at turning emotions, memories, and anticipations into deeper levels of connection, understanding, empathy, and compassion like Rumpelstiltskin spinning straw into gold.

Dec 17: Doodle-y Christmas Tree Ornament

Christmas Tree OrnamentFeeling crafty this season? Make this lovely Christmas tree ornament. You don't need to be an artist to make a simple design — doodling is for everyone.

Dec 13: Snowflake Gift Tags and Cards

Snowflake'Tis the season for writing Christmas cards! Choose from my selection of printable snowflake gift tags and folding cards for crafting personalized messages for your Secret Santa gifts and stocking stuffers.

Dec 9: The Value of Writing Prompts

JournalHave you ever thought about the value of writing prompts? Like, how an author facing writers block could, through a 10-minute timed writing exercise, loosen up the subconscious to spill forward with words?

Dec 5: Sugar Plum Fairy's Christmas Tale Twist

Sugarplum FairyGranted the power to make wishes come true, and charged with creating visions of sugar-plums to dance in the heads of sweetly sleeping children, it might seem at a first glance that Sugar Plum's life is carefree and happy, a simple existence in an enchanted land.

Dec 1: Celebrate a New Adventure!

Dr Who's TARDISDiscover a delicious, one-of-a-kind treasure found only on Creativity Portal: our 2019 Christmas ADVENTure Calendar, the highly-anticipated month-long virtual experience for seekers of child-like play, wonder, and surprise.

Dec 26: Creating a Christmas Card Wall Display: Tree, Wreath, Garland, Frame

DecoChristmas cards are too pretty to just pile in a basket on a table. Instead, use them to create beautiful Christmas card wall displays to add holiday cheer to your home. There are several different methods you can use, so if you have plenty of cards, you can even create more than one display.

Dec 22: Snowman Poop Gag Gift Stocking Stuffer Project with Printable Bag Tag

Snowman Poop Gag GiftVariations on a theme for this popular crafty Christmas joke have been floating around for decades: The infamously funny "Snowman Poop" razzle stocking stuffer. Make a bunch of them today for your favorite friends!

Dec 18: Printable Snowman Coloring Page

SnowmanGet your crayons, markers, gel pens, or colored pencils and ready yourself to cozy up to snomeone special, Frosty's cousin Flakey. He will accompany you in some coloring fun and help you stay warm during cold winter months with your sparks of creativity!

Dec 14: Gingerbread Man Word Search Puzzle

SnowflakeHow many words can you find in my gingerbread man puzzle? Let's run with a theme. Pretend you're chasing him and only have five minutes to find the words before he dares cross the river on the alligator's snout. Ready to beat the clock? Set a timer and go!

Dec 10: Kindness: Pass It On!

KindnessFrench physicist, inventor, and theologian Blaise Pascal remarked, “Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” Sow kindness, reap joy. Plant an unexpected act of kindness today!

Dec 6: Christmas Pebble Pendant

Christmas Pebble PendantMaria Chatzi leads you through an artistic adventure of painting holly leaves with berries on a stone and fashioning into a one-of-a-kind Christmas pendant to treasure and share.

Dec 2: Let Music Move You

PeanutsMusic has immense power to transform the moment and move us deeply. It can alchemize our emotions and stir our spirits to action. Take a few moments to enjoy this uplifting piece of music titled by the Vince Guaraldi Trio.

Dec 23: Funny 'No Frills' Holiday and Greeting Cards

No Frills CardsI bet you're writing a lot of Christmas cards about this time now, aren't you? It seems the closer to Christmas day we get, the yin joy of Christmastime has the yang of a thinning wallet. If you're running low on funds or tired of paying top-dollar for your store-bought greeting cards that last a hot minute before being round-filed, and don't need a card that plays music, holds money, pops-up into a 3D sculpture, or cleans up after you, this totally No Frills solution is perfect.

Dec 19: Christmas Glitter Paper Ornaments and Gift Tags

GlitteryQ: What's more fun than hanging sparkly ornaments in your Christmas tree? A: Making the ornaments yourself! Yes, pull out your craft glue, glitter, scissors and curling ribbon and get ready to make an assortment of glitter gift card tags or sparkly ornaments to hang in your Christmas tree!

Dec 15: 'Penny for Your Thoughts' Snowman

SnowmanReady to roll? Here's a creative and fun snowman project if you love to play with clay. Create this neat little doodad from Sculpey clay as an ornament decoration or to 'gift' away as a stocking stuffer.

Dec 11: Guided Imagery to Inspire Your Creative Journey

expansionWe continue out ADVENTure to introduce you to a vast portal to personal exploration like you have never known before. This space is sacred and private, for no-one else can enter your space without your permission. It is available to you at any time and costs you nothing.

Dec 7: Candy Cane-Deer Christmas Tree Ornament

Candy Cane-DeerHave you herd? A new species of deer has hooved on over from hither and yon and is quite popular with the younger crowd.

Dec 3: Salt Dough & Crafty Recipes

Salt DoughLearn how to make your own salt dough and other home made crafty mixes like finger paints and paper mache to create ornaments and other novelty gifts for Christmas.

Dec 24: 'Running Legs' Gingerbread Man Puppet-Making and Crumby Cookie Fun

Gingerbread ManToday's ADVENTure follows a trail of cookie crumbs to all tasty things gingerbread related! Cookies, stories, puppets, and more take you by surprise and pull you into a sweet, fantastic fantasy world of creativity and imagination.

Dec 20: Printable Desktop Christmas Tree Cut-Out

Christmas Tree CutoutHere's the perfect decoration for all desk-dwellers — teachers, cubers, home workers, and others — get into the decorative cheer of the season by diplaying your own environment-friendly desktop Christmas Tree during the holiday season.

Dec 16: Winter & Christmas Writing Prompts

SnowmanThese cool writing prompts and photos will help facilitate your creative stories, blog entries, and holiday reflections for the winter season and melt any icy writing blocks you've been chipping away at. Grab your writing shovel and dig in!

Dec 12: Classic Wooden 'Flyer Sled' Christmas Tree Ornament Project

Wooden Sled Craft ProjectYou don't have to eat that many ice cream novelties or Popsicles® to get the wooden craft sticks you'll need to make this classic runner sled Christmas tree ornament.

Dec 8: Merry Christmas! Tree Coloring Page

Christmas Word Search PuzzleIt may appear quite plain, but it contains an interesting twist of enchantment should you accept its terms.

Dec 4: Christmas Word Search Puzzle

Christmas Word Search PuzzleLailah Gifty Akita says, "Every problem is a new puzzle to solve," and true to her nifty middle name, we have just received a gift in the form of an invaluable lesson about how to shift reality.