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Graphic & Web Design : Spotlight on Best-Selling Author Robin Williams

Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Graphic Arts Icon

Robin Williams (the designer!)

Graphic Arts, Web Design, and Desktop Publishing Resources

By Chris Dunmire

Design Workshop by Robin Williams and John TollettRobin Williams (not the actor, the designer!) is one of my favorite graphic design icons. I first happened upon her Non-Designer Design Book in the early 00s while I was researching how-to graphic design information and attending college-level graphics art courses. I've been a Robin Williams fan ever since and keep her books on my reference shelf for inspiration, and well, reference!

For those of you who are interested in adventuring into the world of Robin Williams, you can check out all of her book titles at Peachpit press and I've also compiled this handy list of online resources to Robin's Web sites, design columns, books, and articles because they truly confirm her outstanding contributions to the graphic design and desktop publishing fields, and are a great resource for instruction and inspiration for teachers, aspiring designers, and graphic artists at all levels.

My Book Reviews

The Non-Designer's Design Book
A ground-breaking must-read book for anyone who is interested in pursuing any kind of personal or professional graphic design or desktop publishing work, including personal Web sites.

Robin Williams Design Workshop
The follow-up book to the Non-Designer's Design Book and an essential reference tool for an inspirational graphic design library.

Robin Williams' Notable Web Sites

Official Robin Williams Web Site (
"writer . teacher . mom . not the actor ... This page is a table of contents to the other sites I am connected with."

URLs Internet Cafe
"Url's is a virtual Internet cafe, owned and operated by authors Robin Williams and John Tollett (along with Internet Icons Url Ratz and Browser NetHound). There's a bathroom covered with graffiti (inside the Coffee Bar), an attic containing sketchbooks, and other fun, unpredictable stuff."

The Santa Fe Mac (Macintosh Computer) User Group
"Santa Fe Macintosh User Group: Sserving the santa fe macintosh community since 1994."

Interviews, Books, How-to's, and Articles on Peachpit Press

Peachpit Press
Search for Robin Williams under "Authors," and you'll find a wealth of information/links to her books, how-to articles, tips, podcasts, and design projects. Article topics include:

  • Robin Williams's Guide to the Most Overlooked New Leopard Features
  • Blog On and Blog Louder with iWeb
  • Beginning Designer's Guide to Working with Photographs
  • Network Preferences for Mobile Computing on a Mac
  • What Are Web Pages Anyway? A Non-Designer's Guide
  • Designer's Toolbox: DVD Hardware and Software Overview
  • How to Use the Dock in Mac OS X Tiger.
  • How to use the Dock
  • Robin Williams Introduces You to Mac OS X
  • Designer's Toolbox: DVD hardware and software overview
  • Robin Williams Cool Mac Apps: iMovie
  • Introduction to Mac OS X
  • Build A Better Business Card
  • Little Mac iApps Tips
  • iPhoto: Organize and Share Your Digital Photos
  • Navigation Design
  • Project: Logos
  • Applying Your Identity
  • Identity Template Files
  • Tips on Designing Newsletters
  • Tips on Designing Web Pages

Articles on

Thirteen Telltale Signs (PDF)
A must-have reference printable PDF article discussing type design and typography essential for designers, desktop publishers, office professionals and Internet jobbers working with type and fonts, presentations, marketing material, business corespondence, e-mail, and Web pages.

© 2008 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

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Updated 12/25/13