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Creativity at Work, Creative Thinking in Business, Organizational Innovation

Thinking 'outside the box' is not limited to artistic and writing professions. Innovative thinking, brainstorming, and creativity exercises are encouraged and used by forward thinking businesses and corporations to successfully plan, create, and sell products and services. These creativity and innovation sources will help you understand, explore, tap into and use, collaborate, and enhance your personal and workplace creativity skills.

Creativity Series on Creativity Portal

Learning from Leonardo DaVinciLearning from Leonardo DaVinci
Explore Leonardo DaVinci's methods and habits related to his creativity in this inspiring series based on the book "How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci: Seven Steps to Genius Every Day" by Michael J. Gelb.

Jill Badonsky's The Muse Is In Columns
Get inspired by the Nine Modern Day Muses, Body Blissmas, Creativity Owner's Manual, Awe-Manac, and more in these fascinating featuress on Creativity Portal by Kaizen-Muse™ Coaching pioneer and creativity author Jill Badonsky.

Art of the Song Creativity Corner Segments
In this collection of essays from the syndicated redio show exploring inspiration and creativity through songwriting and other art forms, learn why songwriters and artists create, how they become inspired, and how you can tap into that creative source in every aspect of your life.

Creativity & Innovation Sources

Whole Brain Thinking, Whole Mind Connection
Tom Evans is an author specializing in exploring techniques that forge a strong link with our creative muse.

Right Brain Workouts
Peter Lloyd's Right Brain Workouts stimulate creative thinking, champion the pursuit of invention and innovation, illustrate the benefits of thinking creatively, and urge you to exercise your creative abilities.

The Intuitive Edge Blog
The Intuitive Edge encourages people to explore a variety of personal expression, allowing their own creativity to blossom. We talk about the challenges all artists and creatives face, from naysayers to resistance to depression. The goal is to help people enjoy the ride/process and, if interested, take their creative work to another level.

Dave Dufour's Creative License Podcast
Podcast on creativity and idea generation. Creative License is a series of "quick tips" and discussion of how to be more creative at work and at home. Listeners can hear the podcast at the website or subscribe via iTunes or any other podcatcher client.

Creativity for Life
Exploring creativity in our everyday lives! Features articles for personal and workplace creativity, and a toolbox of ideas and techniques for applying more creativity into your life while living your creative dreams.

Mycoted: Creativity and Innovation
Creativity and innovation in science and technology. Creativity techniques, puzzles, and quotes.

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