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Better Living Through Journaling

Kristin DonovanKristin Donovan is a freelance writer living in Seattle. She facilitates creativity groups for women and leads journal writing workshops in the Pacific Northwest and online. Her groups emphasize the power of community for nurturing creativity. Kristin has a background in journalism and copywriting, and has been journaling daily for more than two decades. Her web site, Journaling Saves, helps you enrich your life, clarify your emotions, and jump start your creativity through journaling. It features stimulating journal writing prompts, actionable tips and straightforward lessons — illustrated through her own personal experience. Get inspired at:

Journaling Articles by Kristin Donovan

Journaling through Change
Change throws us off our game. It yanks the familiar ground out from beneath us.

Regular Journaling Provides Endless Benefits
Journal writing slows down time, etches images into your memory, and breathes life into everyday occurrences.

Journaling Heals All Wounds
Five universal wounds that benefit from therapeutic journaling, speeding you along the path to healing.

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