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Creative Concepts & Copywriting
Authors : Michelle Pariza Wacek

Promotional Writing + Creativity =

Creative Concepts and Copywriting

Michelle Pariza WacekMichele Pariza Wacek began writing professionally in 1993 and launched Creative Concepts and Copywriting ( in 1998. Before deciding to work for herself, she had garnered experience from all sides of the marketing world — as creative services coordinator for an international company, as a writer in marketing agencies and as a communicator in city government.

Going into business was the best decision Michele ever made. She discovered a passion for combining her creativity with her writing ability to help solve marketing problems for her clients. Her Web site provides resources, including two free e-newsletters, designed to help people combine their own creativity with marketing and copywriting principles and realize their dream business.

Michele also writes fiction and has completed two novels. She lives in the mountains of Prescott, Arizona, with her husband and three border collies. Photo: Katie Baird, Loose Ends.

Creativity & Writing Articles

What we can learn from Disney about becoming more creative
By Michele Pariza Wacek
When you think about the legacies Walt Disney left us, do talking mice and a multigizillion dollar company come to mind?

How to improving your writing rhythm
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Includes the creativity writing exercise: Get in touch with your writing rhythm.

Four headlines that work
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Includes the creativity writing exercise: Write those headlines.

One marketing mistake you don't want to make
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Includes the creative writing exercise: Discover your target market.

Writer's Block Begone
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Includes the creative writing exercise: Make friends with writer's block.

How to Succeed as a Writer
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Includes the creativity exercise: Get the right attitude.

Three keys to crafting successful print ads
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Includes the creativity exercise: Learn by example.

Copywriting & Marketing Articles

6 Ways Your Creativity Can Turbocharge Your Copywriting
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Use your creativity skills to write copy that stands apart from the crowd.

7 Reasons Why You Must Get Creative with Your Marketing
By Michele Pariza Wacek
The bottom line? No matter where you are on the creativity scale, your attempts at creativity won't hurt your marketing (no matter how "bad" you think you are at it).

10 Reasons to Consider Copywriting
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Looking to chuck that full-time job for a life of full-time writing? Or maybe you've already dumped the day job but aren't quite as busy as you'd like to be.

How to put fresh spins on old marketing concepts
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Are you struggling to find a new twist on advertising or marketing campaigns?

Creative ways to add power to your marketing
By Michele Pariza Wacek
There's a hard truth about marketing: People don't care about businesses ...

Forget Everything You Ever Knew About Marketing — It's All About To Change
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Remember that romantic image of the writer?

Permission Marketing — The Future of Marketing
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Permission marketing is when your customers give you permission to market to them.

Ask and You Shall Receive
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Once you've defined your target market, you need to start gathering information about that market.

How "On Target" is Your Marketing?
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Now that you've gathered information about your customers and potential customers, it's time to create a "customer profile."

Talk the Talk (and Boost your Sales)
By Michele Pariza Wacek
Psychology Today once reported a study about the habits of successful salespeople. It said the best salespeople empathized with their customers.

Updated 1/5/14