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Journal Writing Articles
Journal Writing : Inspiration for Journalers

Inspiration for Journalers

Journal Writing, Diary Keeping, and Blogging Articles

See also: Journal Writing Resources

Journaling can be much more than the simple act of writing down your innermost thoughts and feelings. It can be a tool to redemptive living, and outlet for artistic creativity, or an important structure in one's creative day.

In her book The Artist's Way — A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, author Julia Cameron uses a form of daily journaling called Morning Pages to help individuals cut through 'the clutter' to unblock their creativity used for writing, art, and other creative pursuits. A growing number of people also use online blogs to chronicle their inspiration and works-in-progress alone or within communities that offer rich, creative environments, constructive criticism, and/or feedback for work.

No matter what your personal journaling style is, the following articles offer inspiration and ideas to help make your journal writing and blogging more fulfilling, meaningful, and productive.


Journal BlissVisual Journaling by the Seat of Your Pants!
By Violette
Visual Journaling need not be daunting or inaccessible to the novice visual journaler.

Journal Bliss: Symbolic Stories
By Violette
Can you see that life is simply full of blissful journaling fodder?

Journal Bliss: Doodling
By Violette
Who doesn't love to doodle? Your doodles can be windows to your soul.

Juicy Journals & Wild Words Column
By Molly J. Anderson-Childers
Every other month, you'll be treated to articles, resources, and project ideas specific to creating juicy journals.

Journaling Saves! Articles by Kristin Donovan
By Kristin Donovan
From the healing power to the benefits of regular journaling and more, learn how to harness the benefits of journal writing.

One-Sentence Journaling
By Quinn McDonald
A creatively fun solution for those who wish they could journal but don't have the time.

Journaling as a Tool to Redemptive Living
By David L. Russell, Ph.D.
After wading through a myriad of books on journaling, I have found that the overwhelming focus has been on "Self."

Come Home to Yourself with Your Inner Journaler
By Anne Marie Bennett
Have you ever been brought home to yourself when journal writing?

Keeping a Journal to Help Yourself Write Well
By Sheila Bender
As a writer, I often use my journal to play around with strategies I pick up from other writers' work or with strategies I invent to get myself writing.

10 Principles for Keeping an On-going Journal
By Ruth Folit
There are no hard-set rules for keeping a journal.

Collage and Visual Journaling
By Kristi Tencarre
Ideas and tips for integrating artistic collage expressions into your writing, also known as visual journaling.

Are You Blogging Your Creative Journey?
By Chris Dunmire
Are you documenting your creative life by capturing bits and pieces, visual snapshots, and honest memories of it to share with others?

Zen and the Art of Team Blogging
By Heather Blakey
Learn about the transformative opportunities team blogging at the Soul Food Cafe has provided participants to further explore, enhance, and express their art, writing, and creativity.

Recipe for a Sizzling Creative Journal
By Molly J. Anderson-Childers
Imaginative journaling recipes that combine creative writing, collage, drawing, and painting into expressive works of art.

Stay Creative with an Idea Journal
By Kristine Kadlec
Some artists prefer to create collages and photomontages in their sketchbooks to express themselves.

Writing Inspiration: Feeding Imagination
By C.E. Staples
As a writer, when I am starved for words and ideas, I open a picture book or go online and click into an artist's website.

Drawing, Blogging, Drugs and a Little Coffee
By Michael Nobbs
Back in the New Year I decided to make some major changes to my life.

Enhance Your Child's Literary Skills with Journaling
By Day Penaflor
Call it a journal, a diary, a spy pad, a writer's notebook, or a daybook. Whichever name you prefer, they all mean the same thing.

The Excellent Writer Within
By Michael Levy
The art of good writing comes from the artist within.

Updated 1/7/14