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Free Web-Based Learning Courses, Classes, Training, Resources
Get Inspired : Free Online Web-Based Courses, Classes, Training

Enhance Your Creative Skills: Free Web-Based Learning Resources

By Chris Dunmire

"The value of structured learning through books, classes, workshops, and other programs is a key component to a satisfying creative life."

When it comes to developing a creatively-rich life by producing your own works of art or pieces of writing or inventive products, the realm of developing your knowledge and skills on the creative mode you're drawn to is one that must be given equal attention.

For instance, if your desire is to become a watercolor artist (watercolorist), you can buy some inexpensive paints and a pad of watercolor paper and dabble on your own. Perhaps you'll even pick up a "How to Paint with Watercolors" art book from a craft store or local library to experiment with at home. In doing so, you can become a self-taught artist, or, if you find it necessary to further stretch and grow your skills and ability for loftier goals, you can opt to participate in real hands-on learning through classes, workshops, and other coursework to learn directly from an art instructor or other experienced mentor.

I believe in the value of structured learning through books, formal classes, workshops, and other programs and have experienced this type of learning as a key component to a satisfying creative life. Yes, for when you've experienced the nuts-and-bolts fundamentals of any art or craft, you are then free to use your knowledge and skills to launch into your own world of uninhibited creative expression. To paint prolifically, you must first learn the correct way to brush a stroke onto canvas.

You will find a number of offline venues of structured learning for developing your creative skills. Local colleges, art stores, and non-profit community-based organizations are a prime location for taking a variety of art and craft classes and workshops. Your town's library is also chock-full of books on learning how to draw, paint, weave, sew, collage, cook, dance, sing, and invent wonderful creative things.

The Internet has also opened up endless opportunities for online learning. A quick keyword search in the Google, Yahoo!, or MSN search engines will yield a cache of courses and list of learning resources offering fee-based and free online courses. The following Web sites are just a few examples of sites offering free online classes — a good place to begin your Web-based learning adventures. You'll discover many courses on writing, computer software programs, Web design, art, and history that you can take via e-mail or right on their Web sites just by registering and signing up. •

Free Online Classes and Courses Resources

Hewlett-Packard Online Classes
Instructor-led classes in Software & Technology, for IT Professionals, Business & Productivity, Real Estate, In House Marketing, and Quick Lessons for HP Printing.

BBC Learning Online Courses
Self-paced courses offering Basic Skills, Computer & IT, Gardening, Health, History, Languages, and Nature.

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