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Halloween Story Writing Contest
Halloween Story Writing Contest : Winners & Publisher's Picks : Page 2 of 2

2008 Halloween Story Contest Showcase

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Kid-Friendly Halloween Stories

The Dark Street
By Linda Ash
Needle holes in candy?

Once Upon a Halloween
By Lexie Jacobson
A mass of people came out from behind the bushes.

"Boo Halloweenie! Who are you supposed to be?"
By Mariangeles Masegosa
All dressed up with no candy in tow.

By Amber Mallory
"No one in this house is guaranteed to live!"

Halloween Happening
By Caitlyn Dowdy
Peer pressure never tasted so bad!

Clown Stitches
By Danielle Chapman
Getting knocked unconscious.

A Halloween Scare
By Meghan Andrewartha
I'll remember this Halloween forever.

Adventure to the VanDrullens'
By Kayleigh VanHecke
Fear bubbled in my veins.

Teen+ Halloween Stories

Academic Nightmare
By Lauren McQuiston
I am now part of their world.

An American Halloween
By Kevin Cummings
A sinister poisoning. (Intense)

High Ceilings
By Jordan Tatman
Taken away. (Intense)

It Hurts to be This Good
By Matt Eckhardt
I am saved. (Intense)

One Crazy Night
By Tanner Litle
Never to be seen or heard from again. (Intense)

Just Desserts
By Cameron Cook
A flawless, schematic plan waiting to be put into action.

Horrifically Frightening Tale of Interests
By Chance Rose
Know thyself.

A Night of Terror
By Brandon Mcallister
That night I realized I didn't like stilted people very much.

Twist and Turn
By Scott Miller
Finding the candy.