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Creativity Portal's Free Printable Bookmark Download Selection
Creativity Portal's Free Printables : Bookmark Download Selection

Free Printable Bookmark Templates, Page Markers

By Chris Dunmire

Bookmarks (book page markers) make small, yet thoughtful gifts for book lovers and a fun way to express your artistic and design skills when creating and trading your own homemade bookmarkers with others — similar to Artist Trading Cards (ATC). Let's dub this artistic bookmark trading "ATB!"

On this page I've designed several blank printable bookmark templates you may download and use for your own art and craft projects, and other pre-designed bookmarks featuring creativity and artistic inspirational images and messages you, your friends, and loved ones will appreciate 'just because.'

Printing Tips and Finishing Ideas:
Print bookmarks on thick glossy or card stock paper on an inkjet or laser printer. When finished creating your design and allowing it to fully dry, laminate bookmark for protection and durability. Punch a hole in the top center and tie on a beaded string or tassel.

Star Bookmark TemplatesNEW! I've also designed star-shaped blank bookmark template cutouts you can download from this page. These SUPERSTAR cutouts may be used by teachers in the classroom.

Free Blank Rectangle Download Selection

The following blank bookmark templates (white and color) are 2 x 8", 3-up on a page of card stock for printing. Use template size as-is or trim for smaller bookmarks. These blank bookmarkers make a great start and base for a work of art collage cubie bookmark, mixed media, and other bookmark making fun. See the original bookmark templates article page for more creative bookmark decorating ideas.

White/No Color Bookmark Template PageDownload Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates White/No Color
(PDF 74 KB)
Use this template when printing on your own colored card stock or decorative printer paper.

Green, Blue, Violet Bookmark Template PageDownload Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates Green, Blue, Violet
(PDF 76 KB)
Use this template if you want your color printer to print a page of green, blue, and violet bookmarks.

Red, Orange, Yellow Bookmark Template PageDownload Free Printable Blank Bookmark Templates Red, Orange, Yellow
(PDF 76 KB)
Use this template if you want your color printer to print a page of red, orange, and yellow bookmarks.

More Printable Bookmarks (Pre-Designed)

Download Free Printable Inspiration READ • WRITE • EXPLORE • EXPRESS Bookmarks
(PDF 123KB, 3 per page)
Three 2" x 8" blank rectangle bookmarks per page will inspire kids and adults.

Illuminate your mind

Express your thoughts

Discover your world

Create your life

Current Living BookmarksFree Printable 'Current Living' Bookmarks
A variety of bookmarks and matching cards to inspire living 'in the now.' Selection includes several nature and flower greeting card and bookmark sets.

Friendship BookmarkDownload Free Printable Friendship Bookmark
(PDF 119 KB, 2 per page)
Tell that special someone how much they mean to you with this high quality bookmark. The unique design features an image of the enduring carnation flower and a loving message your friend will appreciate. (Click link to download PDF.)

Healing Hope BookmarkDownload Healing Hope Bookmark
(PDF 173KB, 2 per page) Original mixed media artwork with quote by Henry Van Dyke: "Happiness is inward and not outward; and so it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are."

© 2009, 2011 Chris Dunmire. All rights reserved.

About Chris Dunmire

Chris is a deeply engaged creative spirit, lover of wit, words, and wisdom, and the driving force behind the award-winning Creativity Portal® Web site. [...]

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Updated 9/7/11