Love Notelets

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Love Notelets: Self-Folding Cards

Playful canvases to express poetry, lyric, and love!

By Chris Dunmire | Posted 2/13/21

“Where there is love, there is life.” —Mahatma Gandhi

If you like gifting surprises, then you'll LOVE creating these fun Love Notelets! Write a bunch to share with your special ones any time of the year!

Use Patterned Paper for Cool Designs!

Easily print the templates on card stock or decorative one- or two-sided scrapbook pattern paper. Patterned scrapbook paper with white or a light color on one side creates a very cool double-sided card design. Trim, fold, add your handwritten message, and deliver to your special someone. The large card can be snail-mailed.

Love Notelets

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Creatively Self-Folding Love Notelets
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