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Marcia West : Tools of Change

How to Use the Portals of Light

Begin with These Portals for Clearing and Release

Portal of Surrender1. Portal of Surrender — Surrender dissolves fear, fear of change, and worries about the future. It brings us back into the Present Moment, trusting that all will be well. Fear ungrounds us and prevents movement and growth. We are not even aware of most of our fears, such as the fear of being our most powerful selves. “What if” questions about the future can be laced with fear. “What if my family rejects me? What if I’m wrong? What if I fail or can’t support my family? What if I look foolish or do harm?” Mentally placing our fears, worries, and rigid outcomes into this portal relieves stress from the mind and body, frees us to enjoy the present moment, and helps us to see the future in a new light.

Portal of Release2. Portal of Release — Takes us out of the past and into the present moment. Gratitude turns all experiences into love and wisdom, which is everlasting. It raises the vibration of emotions so that their energy may be better utilized for improved health, vitality, and well-being. Gratitude mends severed relationships in love (including those who have passed on), through an appreciation of the difficult roles they have played for us. Place specific people, events and emotions of the past; waves of grief; or the longing for days gone by, into this portal.

Portal of Alchemy3. Portal of Alchemy — The Violet Flame is an alchemical energy that transmutes, or energetically changes, something into its higher vibrational form. It dissolves lower frequency beliefs, which act like cobwebs that entangle us at the entrances of portals 4-7, preventing us from entering them. The Violet Flame clears the way for a more truthful and expansive expression of the I AM. It is helpful for releasing attachments to people, places, things, ideas, and ways of doing things that prevent us from moving forward. It upgrades old social programming and behaviors to align with the current state of the I AM. It helps us to rise in frequency and see things from a higher perspective. The Violet Flame integrates the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine and helps us to move out of the human ego and into the will of the I AM. It frees us when we feel stuck and gives us a fresh start.

Then Use These to Align Your Life and Yourself with Your I AM in Unity Consciousness

Portal of Truth4. Portal of Truth — Truth aligns our lives with our I AM’s and the Great I AM, in Service to the Highest Good of All. Aligning with Truth brings forth our true power, which is the power of the Love that We Are (the I AM), untainted by ego’s lower vibrational control. Truth also brings forth the Loving Power of the Group as it brings everyone into harmony. Since Truth brings about rapid change, it is wise to begin by first placing individual circumstances into this portal and allowing things to settle as they realign. Use the first three portals frequently to release what no longer serves. Eventually you may wish to immerse your whole life and self in Truth. Be sure you are ready for that, as much may change rapidly as a result.

Portal of Honor5. Portal of Honor — Since our I AM’s are all equal, everyone deserves to be treated with equal honor, respect, and acceptance (even if we don’t agree with certain behaviors). When we feel we don’t measure up, compassion helps us to love and accept ourselves. Place any self-judgments, doubts, and shame into this portal so that the Love of the I AM may shine forth. Place any judgments of others in here too. Then we can interact and collaborate in equality, embracing one another’s unique I AM, wisdom, roles, and presence with loving compassion. This is the foundation of true collaboration and co-creation.

Portal of Flow6. Portal of Flow — Unity Consciousness aligns our mind, body, and emotions with our spirit for integrated and harmonious living. It also puts us into synchronistic flow with each other. Flow connects us with the right people in right timing, and expands our intuitive abilities, when we put ourselves and our life circumstances into it. This portal assists us in releasing outdated expectations, goals, and relationships to move us gracefully into the next phase of our journey in Harmonious Service to the Highest Good. Our service is to be accomplished in unity with others as we each offer our unique contributions. Be prepared for greater fulfillment along with possible changes in relationships and work that is aligned through unity.

Portal of Wholeness and Balance7. Portal of Wholeness and Balance — When we feel fractured and separated from ourselves, our inner guidance, and the Divine; have given parts of ourselves away; or taken on the life of another; this portal of Divine Love helps us to remove energies and aspects that are not ours; bring back the pieces of ourselves; gain greater clarity; and reintegrate our I AM into balanced wholeness. The body may need time to catch up with the vibration of the soul, and may desire rest and nurture. This iterative process expands our hearts with our greater I AM as we are ready. Be sure to dissolve defense mechanisms and fears that show up surrounding the heart (using portals 1-3), since the expansion of the I AM may cause chest discomfort as it bumps up against old layers of protective armoring. Group vortices are formed here too. •

© 2012 by Marcia A. Phillips, Bridges of Unity. All rights reserved.

Marcia West Marcia (Phillips) West is the author of Seven Portals To Your Soul: An Accessible Guide for Mending Your Life. She's an intuitive healer, speaker, teacher, energy worker, and founder of Bridges of Unity. More »

Updated 1/19/14