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Byte into Creativity!Creativity Portal welcomes educators of all kinds to partake of the many tasty offerings we have made available on our Web site.

Whether it's our Blogger-recommended Imagination Writing Prompt Generator, creativity articles, or free projects and activities you're looking for, this page will direct you to our most popular features and useful tools to help encourage creativity among students and spread more creative expression in the classroom.

If you're hungry for this juicy adventure like millions of our other visitors, feel free to "Byte into Creativity!" and begin clicking on the links below.

Creative Projects & Tutorials

You Can Draw Cartoony Things!Exclusive: Teacher's Playbook "You Can Draw Cartoony Things!"
By Chris Dunmire
High-resolution printable e-book features 15 cartoony drawing lessons, 13 original Nit Wits comics, and online cartoony resources perfect for kids and budding comic artists. This unique playbook allows educators to make multiple lesson copies for student handouts in the classroom.

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