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News : Creativity Portal Recommended by the English Journal

The English Journal Publication, January 2007

English Journal Recommends Creativity Portal Web Site

"The site will inspire just about anyone."
—The English Journal

JANUARY 13, 2007 — The Creativity Portal Web site has been favorably reviewed in the English Journal print publication (Vol. 96, No. 3, January 2007), published by the National Council of Teachers of English at Colorado State University.

The Creativity Portal review appears in a section titled "Tools for Teaching" edited by Colleen A. Ruggieri from Boardman High School in Boardman, Ohio, under the title "Opening the Door for Words at Play." (See full-text of review below.)

The positive review highlights Creativity Portal's dynamic writing and blogging tool (featured previously on Blogger's Buzz) called the Imagination Prompt Generator as well as the expanding writing and photo prompt section, how-to writing articles, and recommended external resources promoted on the Web site.

Thanks to the valuable feedback from this review, a new section titled "Tools and Features for Teachers" is now easily accessible for teachers of all kinds from the Creativity Portal Web site head navigation (via a link named "4 Teachers") to help direct visitors to our most popular features and useful tools to help encourage creativity among school students and spread more creative expression in the classroom.

English Journal Review

Review by Colleen A. Ruggieri, Editor
From the article "Tools for Teaching" in the English Journal
(Vol. 96, No. 3, January 2007)
Copyright 2006 by the National Council of Teachers of English. Reprinted with permission.

Opening the Door for Words at Play

Creativity Portal,

"The countless
ideas and interesting
photos make
Creativity Portal
a good resource."

"Cool!" said my students when they clicked onto this Web site. Launched in 2000, Creativity Portal describes itself as an "inspirational how-to Web resource for artists, writers, crafters, and creativity enthusiasts." It has been featured in Imagine magazine and Writer's Digest; it is "privately-owned and maintained by several creativity enthusiasts who value the free exchange of instructional information and inspiration online."

On entering the site, my students and I clicked on the Writing Life link [link], located on the blue toolbar. On that page, we found a sunshine icon with the words The Imagination Prompt Generator [link]. This tool provides basic topics for creative writing such as, "You can go back to your childhood for one day. What day and age will you choose?" or "Define Joy." Below the prompt generator is a heading that reads, "Push-Button Prompts: Writing and Blogging Inspiration." On the right of it is a list of seasonal writing prompts. For example, a click on Winter Prompts [link] links to a screen with a snowy photo for inspiration and more prompts such as, "What do you think or feel when you walk through freshly fallen snow?" Fifteen prompts, coupled with some seasonal photos, and you have an instant warm-up for a winter writing session. Hundreds of prompts are available by following the various links on the site's front page.

Creativity Portal also offers practical resources for writing. A click on the link for Writing Life brings up a list of available titles. A good piece for teaching composition is "Recipe for First Draft: ¼ Cup Structure, ¾ Cup Imagination" [link] by Sheila Williams, the author of Girls Most Likely (New York: Balantine, 2006). In the article, Williams provides insights about the importance of creativity. Another interesting article is "Playing with Words: Poetry That POPS!!!" [link] by Molly J. Anderson-Childers. Students reading this selection get tips on developing a creativity toolbox and polishing poetry. The countless ideas and interesting photos make Creativity Portal a good resource. The ads can be a bit overwhelming, as they are on both sides of the screen. Also, since the site is designed to foster creativity in everyone, it takes some sorting to see what might be appropriate for high school students. All in all, the site will inspire just about anyone. •