Authors : Jeannine McGlade & Andrew Pek

Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work

Jeannine McGlade & Andrew Pek

Jeannine McGladeJeannine has co-authored two books on the subject of creativity and innovation. The first book, Recipes for Growth and Innovation provides practical tips to support business innovation teams and their second, Stimulated! Habits to Spark Your Creative Genius at Work outlines the successful habits of innovative, inspired and passionate people. Learn more at

Jeannine and her partner, Andrew Pek, have been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox and Friends, numerous radio shows throughout the United States as well as print media such as The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Redbook Magazine, Investor's Business Daily. They live and work in Nyack, New York, overlooking the gorgeous Hudson River.

Stimulated! Features

Overcome Blocked Creative Expression
Feeling stuck, stale or stressed out? Need to come up with fresh new ideas but just can't seem to get out of a rut? This 5-step action plan will help you to begin to express your creativity and live the life of your dreams.

Getting Ready to Leap: Building Confidence and Courage
Venturing into an invisible creative space is a nonlinear, messy, unclear process, and it's seen by many organization leaders as an inefficient use of time that shows mixed results.

Evolution, Creation, and Stimulation
The need to create is a basic human need that is not only an evolutionary imperative, but a spiritual one. Once you realize this, you will be on an exciting lifelong journey that will leave you inspired.

5 Habits that Spark Your Creative Genius
Five specific habits that work in harmony with one another to shape the anatomy of creative genius. Developing creative expressions and impressions through sensing and action-oriented habits.

Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time
Do you ever say I don't have the time to be innovative or creative? Energy is the liveliness and force we need to sustain the creative process.

Play — The Elixir of Creativity
What if we could change the world through play? Or stimulate our creativity with humor? What if how we imagine was recognized as being more important than what we know?

Amuse Yourself: Playing with Possibilities
The more we integrate play into our daily lives, the more we will increase our chances for creative success and put ourselves in a relaxed state where all things seem possible.

Stimulate Your Creative Genius
5 New habits to cultivate at the start of a fresh new year, or anytime you are ready to write a new chapter in your creative journey.

Stimulus—The Catalyst to Spark Passion and Creativity at Work
Stimulus is the pre-state to being creative. How exactly does stimulus spark passion and creativity at work?

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