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Modern Artz Contemporary Original Paintings
Authors : George Baxter

Modern Abstract Artz Enthusiast George Baxter

George BaxterNow, as throughout most of my adult life, my main preoccupation is painting. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects including landscapes, still life and figurative and work in a number different of mediums including; oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel and charcoal. I regularly take painting holidays and I have recently visited Capri, Naples and Florence. Although I am not a professional artist, I have had several one person exhibitions in Cardiff, Carmarthen and Swansea. I live with my partner who luckily enjoys painting as much as myself. I also have a great interest in Abstract Art and the artists of the Abstract Expressionism Movement, about which I have wrote many articles.

Art & Creativity Articles by George Baxter

A Profile of Hans Hofmann — Abstract Artist
By George Baxter
Hans Hofmann was a strong exponent of abstract art whose paintings depicted a relationship between powerful and vibrant colours on a clearly defined underlying structure.

The Abstract Art of Piet Mondrian — Expressionist Abstract Artist
By George Baxter
Holland-born artist Piet Mondrian is known for developing Neo-Plasticism, a non-representational abstract painting style.