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Creativity Portal has a variety of creative projects by creative professionals — artists and crafters from all over the world — designed to help you explore and express your creativity in art, crafts, writing, and other creativity-related pursuits. Start exploring now!

Altered Books

Transform old books into new works of art!

Batik & Tie Dye

The art of fabric dyeing how-to process, tips and ideas.


Traditional layout ideas and resources, preservation, digital scrapbooking.

Art Appreciation
Exploring the World of Art: Art Appreciation and Art History. Includes topics on art museums & galleries, famous masters, folk and outsider art, unusual artforms, 20th century and modern artists.

Art Therapy
Art Therapy, Process Art, Expressive Creative Healing

Balloon Art
Exploring the Fun of Balloon Twisting Art & Balloon Sculpture

Exploring Basketry: Basket Weaving and Making Techniques

Beading & Jewelry Making
Beading Creativity, Bead Crafting, and Jewelry Making

Bonsai & Suiseki
Exploring Bonsai & Suiseki: Artful Trees Large and Small

Candle & Soap Making
Candle and Soap Making Projects and How-to Resources

Cartooning: Learn How to Draw Fun & Funny Stuff

Exploring Collage, Assemblage, and Photomontage Art

Computer Crafting
Exploring Computer Crafts & Printable Crafting

Exploring Decoupage: The Art of Decorative Cutting and Pasting

Learn How to Draw Lessons and Resources

Frugal & Recycled Crafts
Exploring Frugal Crafting & Recycled Craft Ideas

General Crafts
Exploring Creative Craft & Crafting Resources

Gourd Art
Exploring Gourd Art

Graphic & Web Design
Exploring Topics in Digital Design: Graphic, Web Design

Home Decorating
Exploring Home Decorating and Interior Design

Kids Crafts
Kids Art, Craft & Writing FUN ;-)

Exploring Macrame Knotting and Other Fiber Arts

Mandala Making
How to Design Your Own Mandalas. Learning about Sacred Geometries

Metal Crafting
Metal Sculpture and Wire Art. Creatively Crafting Metals into Works of Art.

Miniatures & Dolls
Exploring the World of Miniatures & Dollhouse Construction. Celebrate to-scale the mini-fest of possibuildities!

Mobiles & Kinetic Sculpture
Exploring Mobile Sculpture and Kinetic Art

Mosaic Art
Exploring mosaic art: A fascinating artform of tiles and shards.

Origami & Paper Folding
Traditional Japanese Paper Folding Art: Origami

Exploring the Fine Art of Painting: General Instruction

Paper Crafting
The Art of Papercraft and Paper Model Folding

Pastel & Chalk
Chalk & Pastel Art: Dust off Your Creative Art Skills!

Explore Photography, Creative Picture Taking, Digital Imaging

Polymer Clay
Creative Fun with Polymer Clay. Molding Creativity & Imagination!

Pottery & Ceramics
Working with Clay: Exploring Pottery & Ceramics

Rock Painting
Explore Rock Painting and Stone Art Sculpture

Rubber Stamping
Explore Rubber Stamping Art & Printmaking Techniques

Rug Hooking
Exploring the Art and Craft of Rug Hooking Fiber Art

Stained Glass
Exploring Stained Glass and Other Expressions of Glass Art

Sewing & Needle Crafts
Exploring Sewing & Needle Crafting: Crochet, Quilting, Cross-Stitch, Knitting, Needlepoint

Exploring the Decorative Craft of Stenciling Art. Stencil Art and Interior Stenciling Design.

Woodworking, Wood Burning, and Crafting